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Ohio Winter Crisis Program.

The winter crisis program in Ohio, which was created to help low to moderate income as well as elderly Ohioans pay their home heating and utility bills begins in November of each year. The program runs annually from November 1 through March 31. Appointments and applications can be submitted by calling 1-866-861-6421.

The Home Energy Assistance Program Winter Crisis Program is part of the overall HEAP program, which is an utility bill assistance program that is funded by the federal government.

The Winter Crisis Program provides help with bills once per heating season. The program requires the applicant to have their electricity of gas service that is currently off or disconnected, a utility service that needs to be started, or they need to have less than 25 percent supply of bulk fuel (such as propane fuel oil, wood, coal, or heating oil).

Almost 200,000 Ohio households were served during the 2008-2009 Winter Crisis Program, said Lisa Patt-McDaniel, who is the director of the Ohio Department of Development

The heating assistance that is offered will be a one-time payment that is made toward a utility or bulk service for people who meet the program eligibility requirements.

There are some program criteria. An eligible applicant's total household income must be at or below 200 percent of the 2009 federal government poverty guidelines, which are as follows, with size of household, total household annual income and previous three months income listed respectively: one, $21,660, $5,415; two, $29,140, $7,285; three, $36,620 $9,155; four, $44,100, $11,025; five, $51,580, $12,895; six, $59,060, $14,765.

If your household has more than six members, then you can add $7,480 per member for 12 months or $1,870 for three months.

In addition, when apply for aid, all applicants also must provide the following documentation: both primary and electric heating bills; proof of income for the previous 13 weeks or seven pays if paid biweekly; proof of disability if applicable; Social Security numbers for all household members older than 2; picture identification of primary applicant; confirmation number; and copy of lease agreement or rent receipts if applicable.





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