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Westar Energy Project DESERVE utility bill contribution program.

A main program known as Project DESERVE provides help with utilities to income qualified Kansas families. All funds paid out are collected by donations and contributions from the community. Additional funds are always needed and any collections go directly to helping the less fortunate in the community.

The Kansas Project DESERVE program was created between non-profits and energy companies and was one of the first resources to do this anywhere in the country. Help can be provided to the less fortunate in an effort to help meet the needs of the poor and people that may be struggling. In fact, the program has been so successful that a number of other gas and utility companies in different states have in effect copied the model for their territories.

As noted, the money for Project DESERVE comes from donations. It will be placed into a Trust Fund. A number of groups and individuals contribute to it, including Westar Energy employees, local businesses and customers. If you can donate, please do so. It is a great way to help the less fortunate. Another big contributor is the Westar Energy Foundation. In addition, there may be annual disbursements from a $1 million company contribution to the Trust Fund are used to fund a part of the program.

You to can contribute to Project DESERVE. People can contribute $1, $3, $5 or any dollar amount they want. It can be added as a recurring contribution or as a one-time gifts. Any contribution received in Kansas, which may be tax deductible, is given to social service agencies and/or the American Red Cross. They distribute the money to the needy. Also, if you do make a generous contribution, people can cancel or change their Project DESERVE contribution at any time. So there is no long term commitment needed.






Financial help comes from Project DESERVE for people 60 years or older and also children or adults meeting Social Security disability criteria. The program can provide them with emergency financial assistance for paying utility costs. Program funding does change widely every year. When possible, eligible households may receive up to $100 for paying an utility bill.

If you want to apply or donate money, American Red Cross runs the program on behalf of Westar Energy. To learn more about applying for help or to contribute, or if you think you might be eligible, dial the American Red Cross at (316) 219-4000. Or people can call Westar Energy in Kansas at (800) 383-1183.



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