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Save energy from the Connecticut weatherization program.

Almost $70 million dollars in federal government stimulus funds will be provided to Connecticut to improve and expand home weatherization programs. The federal funds will be divided among nonprofit charities, social service agencies, and community action groups located throughout the state.

The Weatherization aid will be distributed and used over the next three years. The state will take advantage of these stimulus funds to improve and weatherize approximately 7,500 homes over the next three years. The improvements help low and mid income households minimize their energy bills, reduce fuel use, and save hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills.

The way the program works is that homes will receive a free energy audit to determine the most cost-effective weatherization activities to use for that particular house. While many upgrades are possible, some of the most common measures that occur include sidewall insulation, attic insulation and other air-sealing methods such as weather-stripping and caulking.

More people will be eligible for aid as well as Connecticut will be expanding the existing weatherization program by raising the income level for eligible households. So what this means is that a family of four can now qualify for the energy saving program with an income of $56,293, compared with an income of $42,400 under the old plan. So thousands of more families will be eligible to receive upgrades.

In addition, hundreds of new jobs will be created as a result. The Governor said the state expects to create more than 600 jobs to meet the increased demand for services. The initial weatherization award of over $25 million will be increased and expanded upon by further government funding up to $64.3 million over three years as the state fully implements and ramps up its program.

The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) (phone number 1-800-842-1508) will be managing the program through local charities, Community Action Agencies and other public or non-profit entities.





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