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Georgia weatherization assistance.

The state of Georgia will be receiving an additional $50 million in federal stimulus funds to help weatherize the homes of low and mid income citizens throughout Georgia. With these additional funds, Georgia now has over $125 million to spend on weatherization assistance programs to help people reduce their energy bills and therefore save on utility bills. The state may also receive an additional $60 million dollars in the not so distant future.

Currently, Georgia plans on improving the energy efficiency of almost 14,000 homes throughout the state over the next three plus years. The weatherization program is part of the Obama administration’s bigger picture goal of reducing the nation’s overall energy consumption and helping the country wean itself off foreign oil.

The weatherization assistance program is made up of various repairs and improvements that consumers can get to their homes. Some examples of the work that can be performed to help people lower their energy bills includes adding additional insulation, sealing air ducts, adding additional caulking, and adding weather stripping to windows and doors. The program can also help repair and or replace appliances that are no longer energy efficient, such as old refrigerators, heating and cooling units, or more. The primary goal of Georgia weatherization assistance program is to help cut utility and gas bills for low-income families.

There are some conditions and income criteria to receive aid. The good news is that under the federal stimulus package, the income threshold and criteria for this free weatherization service rises to about twice the poverty level, up from 125 percent of it. So many more households will be eligible for the program.

The government stimulus funds will eventually run out, and not everyone who applies will be able to receive access to weatherization. However Weatherization is offered on an annual basis and every year a select number of people can receive help. To apply or learn more about various Georgia energy conservation programs, including weatherization, call your local community action agency or Georgia Department Human Services at 1800-436-7442.





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