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Ways to get help paying utility bills in Washington State

Help for paying utility bills is available in all cities, including Seattle and Spokane.

Many of the Public Utility Districts and utilities operating in the state provide rate discounts for low income families, people facing hardships, seniors or disabled customers. The discounts you may receive on your bills range from 5% to 40% of your electric bill. Call your utility company and ask them about the discount program.

Tacoma Public Utilities
Special discount rates for available for City of Tacoma utility customers. If you are a qualified, low-income customer who is 62 years or older, or disabled, here is what you may expect to get for help paying utility, electric, and heating bills. Up to 25% discount from Tacoma Power, Sewer, and Tacoma Water. Also, up to a 35% discount from Solid Waste Utility. Also a discount on Click! Network cable television services. These discounts will go a long way in providing you help paying utility bills. Click here to find additional programs from Tacoma Power.

Seattle City Light
Special Utility Rate 27 program
This program will provide customers a lower utility bill rate for any income eligible households. If you are qualified, expect to receive a 50% discount on their Seattle City Light Bill. You may also receive help with utility bills through the establishment of a combined rate.

Emergency Low Income Assistance
Seattle City Light customers may also receive assistance of up to 50%, or up to $200, of an electric bill if you have received a final notice or are facing hardships. Read more Seattle City Light programs.






AVISTA Utilities
This program provides help and assistance for both cooling and heating bill expenses. An eligible home and applicant must contain a person age 60 or over.

This is a low income rate assistance plan to lower electric bills in Washington program funded by Avista customers. This program will also help customers pay their utility bills. To find out if you are qualified, please call your local utility.

Locate additional resources from Avista Utilities. Read more.

Public Utility Districts (PUD)
All PUDs offer programs known as the Rate Discount and Senior Discount Rate. These provide disabled and low-income senior citizens who are are eligible savings on their monthly utility bills.

Energy Conservation and Weatherization
The federal government provides funds to the state of Washington for the weatherization program. This program will help people save money on their utility bills, provide payment for improvements to their home, and bring other benefits. More.

Orcas Power and Light/OPALCO
Low income customers may be able to receive help from Project Pal. This is funded by donations from businesses and people in the community. All money goes to helping the poor and less fortunate pay their monthly utility and heating bills. Learn more.

Project SHARE
This is another program that is offered by most gas, utility companies and PUDs in Washington. It is aid for customers who have received an urgent due or shut-off notice, have taken advantage of all the other assistance programs, and still need help paying their utility or heating bills.

Puget Sound
This program provides assistance with utility bills. Any aid provided is in addition to grants provided by the LIHEAP program. If you apply and are found to be qualified for aid, you may be able to receive up to $1,000 per year in credits to lower your natural-gas or electricity bills. Click here to read more.



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