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Energy bill assistance Warmth for Wake

Low income residents of Wake County and Raleigh North Carolina may be able to get assistance during the winter. The assistance program is known as Warmth for Wake, and it is provided as a seasonal energy and heating bill assistance outreach program that is cosponsored by the North Carolina Bankers Association as well as the Wake County Human Services. Many donations from local businesses and private individuals fund the assistance program.

The goal of the winter assistance program, which kicks off each and every year in October, is to provide fuel and other forms of heating bill assistance to low to moderate income residents of Wake County North Carolina during the coldest winter months.

As with any assistance program, there are conditions and criteria that need to be met be qualified applicants. They include the fact that Warmth for Wake recipients must be Wake County residents and meet income guidelines.

All individuals and families who apply for financial assistance and cash grants from the Warmth for Wake assistance program will be screened through the Service Intake Division of Wake County Human Services. Eligibility for the program will be determined through Wake County Human Services and other local government agencies, taking into consideration total household income and resources as well as the applicants expenses and emergency or special situations that may affect available household income. Income guidelines are based on current government poverty levels.

Some of the other form of assistance offered by the Warmth for Wake program include new and gently used space heaters and equipment to households lacking another heat source. In addition, Warmth for Wake is able to provide free deliveries of firewood to homeowners that can use it to offset their electric or gas heat consumption and bills.

If you need more information or want to apply for help, please dial 919-212-7000. You can learn more about the financial assistance offered.





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