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Help in Vermont with paying heating and utility bills

You can find help with paying utility and heating bills in all areas, including Burlington.

Vermont Low-Utility Bill Assistance

General assistance is available to help provide emergency assistance to meet basic needs, including help paying utilities and for heating fuel. Eligible are persons with no or little household income, or those that have limited  resources who are unable to work, or who have employment barriers. Also eligible for help are those persons who have experienced a crisis such as a flood, fire, eviction notice, death in the family or financial hardship.

Central Vermont Public Service
The Shareheat Fund
This assistance Fund helps less fortunate customers help pay their winter energy and heating bills. Recipients of this aid must have exhausted all other fuel assistance funds and options before receiving help from the Shareheat program.

Green Mountain Power
They provide a ten percent discount on utility bills for customers whose annual household income is at or below 200 percent of the standard federal poverty level.

Green Mountain Power
They offer free weatherization services to lower income households through local weatherization agencies. Qualified technicians will come to your residence and they will inspect your heating system, insulate, seal air leaks, and make any necessary repairs, all in order to help you lower your heating bills.

Get more details on, and find addition ways to get utility bill help from Green Mountain Power.

Vermont Low-Income Energy Efficiency
A unique "energy efficiency utility" called the Efficiency Vermont was created by the Vermont Public Service Board and the Vermont legislature in order to help provide energy efficiency services to lower income as well as other customers. This can also help reduce heating bills. The Low-Income Single Family Program will provides electric efficiency improvements to qualified customers of Vermont’s electric utilities (except in Burlington). The customer must be enrolled in the federal Weatherization Assistance Program. Assistance measures provided include refrigerator replacement, energy efficiency lighting, and also water heater efficiency measures. This program will also provide energy efficiency measures to manager, owners, and developers of multifamily housing units.





The WARMTH Assistance Program uses grants and funds donated by concerned Vermonters and utility companies to help low-income families pay their energy costs. WARMTH assistance funds are available when a Vermont family has used up its supply of fuel or if the family faces disconnection of utility services. Grants are only paid out when an individual or family has not been able to find sufficient help through other channels or organizations.


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