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Avista Utilities in Washington

Find several resources and ways to get help with paying your utility bills from Avista Utilities. Various resources and services provide qualified low income families in Washington with help for electric, energy, and utility bills. Dial 1-800-227-9187, or read more about the Energy Assistance Programs below, which include:

Partnerships and referrals. Avista works closely with community action agencies in your town and city. These agencies can oftentimes provide grants to programs, including federal government options like LIHEAP. They can coordinate weatherization or heating system improvements and/or repairs.

Avista Cares program - Provides financial aid for customers through various means, including payment plans, access to referral agencies and charities, as well as special payment arrangements. One specific example for Washington customers is Project Share.

Representatives from Avista will do everything they can to assist the elderly, the disabled, families with children and customers who find themselves in difficulty due to unexpected crisis, such as a health emergency, employment concern like a job loss, family issues or other problems. CARES can offer forms of help and support in a variety of ways to qualified low income customers. Customer service representatives do everything they can to create solutions that will be beneficial to both the customer and to Avista.

Just some of the examples of what the Avista CARES program can do include resources that help qualified customers better understand their utility or energy bill and how it can be paid, and make special payment arrangements with the customer. They will review their financial situation to determine if customers are able to qualify for energy assistance grants, can give minor budgeting advice, or together they will explore other grants or aid that can be used to pay electric bills. Specialists can help customers with special problems, such as disability or job loss, find assistance from other agencies within the community. Last, but not least, Avista of Washington can help qualifying low income customers apply for the federal government low income weatherization program.






Senior Energy Outreach  - Senior citizens and elderly customers who are on a fixed income can get help dealing with high and increasing energy costs and utility bills.

Project Share - Created by customer and community donations. The program provides one-time emergency energy assistance and cash grants to families in our region. One hundred percent of every dollar donated to Project Share is forwarded to Community Action Agencies across Washington state for distribution to those low income and elderly who qualify. Energy assistance and cash grants for paying bills is provided without regard to the source of heat, and people from any utility company can apply for help. Learn more.

Senior Outreach - Aid for seniors. People living on a fixed income may qualify for help. The program was created for seniors to help those who are facing the unexpected hardship of higher energy bills. The Senior Outreach program from Avista is intended to reach elderly and low income customers who may be reluctant to ask for assistance for their bills, who are paying energy bills rather than buying medicine or food, or paying rent, and who are not typically eligible for Project Share or Energy Assistance Grants for low or limited-income customers. Up to $300 can be applied for, and applicants need to be 60 years of age or older.

Another resource for people over 60 is Senior Energy Conservation Workshops. Get free advice and support for saving money on energy and utility bills, such as CFL light bulbs, home weatherizing supplies and energy savings ideas, including weatherization.

LIRAP - This is yet another low-income rate assistance program funded by Avista customers for local members of the Washington community. To find out if you qualify for help from LIRAP, please call your local community action agency to apply.



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