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Help pay utility bills from Virginia Natural Gas

Customers have three primary plans to get help for paying utility bills. They include EnergyShare, Crisis Assistance, and local Salvation Army funds. The details of the programs are below.

Virginia Natural Gas Crisis Assistance

If you are facing an emergency, the Crisis Assistance program may be able to provide you help. The program was created for emergency situations or short term hardships that a customer may face. Crisis assistance helps eligible households when government programs, Fuel Assistance or other resources cannot meet the need that they may have. Some examples of times this program may be able to help include: customer has lack of heat, utility cutoff is imminent, job loss, medical emergency, or inoperable or unsafe heating equipment.

The assistance this program gives Virginia Natural Gas customers will vary, however some of the types of Crisis Assistance offered may include: purchase of primary home heating fuel; payment of an utility security deposit; purchase of portable space heater or some type of equipment; replacement of heating equipment; payment for emergency shelter for the customer; payment of a customers primary gas or heating utility bill; repair of heating equipment; and/or the program may provide for the provision of supplemental heating equipment/maintenance.

As with all programs, there are criteria that need to be met. In order to be eligible for help from Virginia Natural Gas Crisis Assistance, there must be a heating emergency and certain low to moderate income and citizenship criteria must be met. Applications for security deposits, equipment-related assistance, and/or emergency shelter are accepted from Nov. 1 through March 15 of each and every year at local departments of the Salvation Army and social services. Also note that the assistance for the purchase of heating fuel and utility bills for primary residences are available from the first workday In January through March 15 from Virginia Natural Gas. Dial 1-877-572-3342 to apply for help.

Other Assistance

The EnergyShare program is another option for qualified customers. Virginia Natural Gas, local businesses and its customers donate funding for the EnergyShare program, which is administered by your Salvation Army offices and EnergyShare offers help with paying for energy costs. Call your local Salvation Army to make an appointment, to learn more, or to apply for help.


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