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Help with utilities from Seattle City Light

Customers of Seattle City Light who need help with their utility bills have four primary programs available to them. They include a monthly discount, Project SHARE, the federal government assistance programs, and an emergency energy bill program. Learn about each option below, as well as how to apply for help.

Seattle City Light Project SHARE
This is available as a last resort to individuals and families in the region. Help may be offered for customers that are experiencing a crisis or financial difficulties and have taken advantage of all other financial assistance programs and are out of ideas and options. It is also targeted at those customers with a disconnection notice. Project SHARE can pay up to $250 towards the Seattle customer’s electric bill. However, in certain cases a customer may be able to get more help in the form of an additional $250. If you want to apply, you will need to be referred by Seattle City Light Customer Service.

Discounted utility rates are offered for Low-Income Customers, Seniors, and Disabled
If you are found to be eligible, qualifying customers can save up to 50% on their monthly electric, utility, water, sewer and even garbage bills. People with disabilities may be provided even more financial assistance for utilities, and they will be referred to the mayor’s office for aid. The Seattle Human Services Department administers the program, and dial (206) 684-0268 to apply.

Federal Energy Assistance Program
Like most utility providers, Seattle City Light fully supports the federal government LIHEAP program. Grants can be offered for customers whose main source of heat is electricity, gas or oil and if the customer needs help paying utility bills during the cold winter season. In addition to financial assistance and direct cash aid, this federally funded government program offers energy education and budget counseling so people get back on track over the long term. Please call (206) 684-3000.

Emergency Low Income Assistance from Seattle City Light
If you have received a disconnection or urgent notice, call the utility company right away. Customers facing a hardship or emergency may receive assistance of up to 50% or $200 of their electric bill. Certain low income and poverty thresholds will need to have been met, and in addition the customer must have already received help from the federal Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP. It is not a charity program and customers will still be required to make payment arrangements on any remaining balance of their monthly electric bills.

Call 206.684.3000 to learn more about any of these assistance programs.





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