Help Paying Utilities




Utah programs to help with utility bills, and electric bill assistance.

You can find help with paying in all cities, including Salt Lake City.

Lower Income Utility Bill Assistance

Rocky Mountain Power (PacifiCorp)
Home Electric Lifeline Program (HELP)
This program will help with paying utilities and it is funded by a surcharge placed on all electric customer bills. It operates in coordination with Utah’s LIHEAP program. Participating customers receiving this assistance will receive an $8 per month credit on their bills.

Rocky Mountain Power (PacifiCorp)
Lend a Hand
This is an organization that was formed to help seniors and families in need pay their winter heating bills.

In addition to those two services, find more Rocky Mountain Power utility programs.

Catholic Community Services
This is crisis funds for families in Salt Lake County that can help them pay utility bills. Applications for help are available from April to January. Customers can only get help at most once per heating season.

Low-Income Energy Efficiency
Rocky Mountain Power (PacifiCorp)
Eligible customers can receive energy bill education, appliance testing, electrical usage evaluation, home energy and heating audits, as well as the installation of cost-effective measures.





Provo City Power
HELP is a program that sends voluntary donations to Community Action Services throughout Utah to distribute cash to help people in need pay electric bills. In addition, Provo has a program that will help military families by eliminating 50% of their utility bills for up to six months.

Questar Gas
REACH - Residential Energy Assistance through Community Help
The REACH charitable assistance program is funded through contributions from local residents. The American Red Cross manages the program and distributes the funds which can be used to help pay electric and heating bills. Learn more on Questar Gas financial assistance.

Utah also offers weatherization programs to help you save on electric bills. Read more.




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