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Help with utility bills from United Illuminating

There are several ways to get help with paying utility bills from United Illuminating. Some of the services are offered by the state, and other forms of assistance are administered directly by United Illuminating. Get details on all of the resources below.

Payment arrangements - If you can keep current on your utility bill, then any bast due balance on your account can be forgiven over time. This service can help lower income customers in Connecticut maintain year-round service on their account, avoid disconnections, and also pay down balances by company-matched dollars and cash grants, and it is a great option for people who are facing a hardship. It in effect helps people who had an issue in their past, but are now current on their electric bills.

United Illuminating Forgiveness Program - If your primary heating source is electricity, and if you are on the Winter Protection Program, then this program can help you develop a monthly budget arrangement. United Illuminating will match any payments you make and they will in effect reduce your back balance on your utility account.

Military members - People who are called into active duty can qualify for help with their monthly utility bills. It will offer temporary suspension of disconnection of your electric service and will postpone collective action on your account. It is a great way of helping those Connecticut families who have served our country.

United Illuminating Helps - This is run in partnership with the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. It is a way for people to save money on their electric bills, and United Illuminating has created and administers the UI Helps program. This is a version of the federal government weatherization program, and it can assist customers with financial needs or who live on limited income.

Emergency assistance is offered in Connecticut to  United Illuminating by Operation Fuel. You can get help if you are faced with a crisis situation and if you do not qualify for any federal government or state of Connecticut assistance programs. Over 60 different fuel banks and community action agencies can distribute money to United Illuminating customers.

Customers of UI can also make tax deductible donations to this program as well, as it is a charity program. The funds will go directly towards helping those in need.

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) - This is the federal government funded energy / electric bill assistance program. Low income and working poor households can get help with paying their winter and summer bills. It pays a portion of the bills, and not all of them. Clients of the program need to continue to pay a portion of their bill by themselves. You do need to apply at your local community action agency for this service.

Dial United Illuminating at 1-800-722-5584 to learn more about these resources, or to get help with other bill payment programs.





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