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TXU Energy Aid donation program

One of the nation's major donation programs is the TXU Energy Aid program. It relies on contributions from employees, customers of the energy company, non-profits and others in the community. All of the funds go to help qualified low income families pay their utility and electric bills. Energy Aid allows people to give back to their community and to lend a helping hand to the needy.

Depending on the amount of donations that are available, this is the largest bill payment program that operates anywhere in the nation. It has been in operation for over 30 years and thousands of customers of all ages and backgrounds receive help from it every single year.

TXU Energy works with charities, non-profits and other local service organizations in an effort to help customers in need. Over the years almost $100 million has been paid out to the less fortunate and it is a great tool for receiving temporary assistance on your monthly electricity bill.

The fact is that making ends meet and paying the bills is a challenge for many Texans who are living on fixed and/or low incomes. Couple that with the fact that the need for heat or air conditioning increases during extreme cold and hot weather conditions, this will create electricity bills that some lower income and struggling families simply can’t afford to pay on their own. So TXU Energy Aid allows people to contribute to help the less fortunate.

Ideally the funds from the program will allow people in the communities to not need to choose to do without air conditioning or heat. This should allow people to pay for other basic needs and expenses. It should also help reduce any financial hardships that people may be faced with.

The program works by using the generous contributions made by TXU Energy employees and other generous businesses or customers. A number of selected social service agencies in Texas collect the money, process applications, and otherwise administer the funds. All of this is done to assist families right in the community in which your donations originate from.

In addition to using the customer and employee contributions, TXU Energy has matching grants as well. The energy provider is committed to contributing millions of dollars per year to help pay for and fund the TXU Energy Aid program.

All money you donate is tax deductible. Contribute by checking the box on the front of your TXU Energy bill and complete the form as needed. For example, your name, phone number, contribution amount and more details need to be provided. You can also contact one of the local social service agencies.

You can help touch the lives of those in need, including individuals such as children, by contributing to TXU Energy Aid. Contribute if you can in order to make a difference.



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