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Tri-County People Fund donation program help with bills

Over the last twenty years or so, over $80,000 is paid out per year by Tri-County People Fund to the less fortunate and customers facing a crisis situation. All cash paid out is donated from people in the community, and additional contributions are always needed by HomeWorks. Most of the money is collected from round up type programs and every penny and dollar contributed goes to help clients and not administrative costs.

The Tri-County People Fund will help organizations with special needs, seniors, families, and others that qualify with paying their electric and utility bills. The program is made possible by members and people in the community who allow the company to round up their monthly utility bills to the next dollar. So let's say your monthly energy bill comes to $72.56 for a certain period. Tri-County will round it up to the nearest dollar of $73. The additional 44 cents will be donated to the program and will go to help someone facing a crisis. Any contribution you make will be tax deductible.

As noted above, every single penny and dollar that is donated by HomeWorks customers and members is put to good use for community projects or bills. No money you donate will go to paying program costs as all administrative costs are paid by HomeWorks Tri-County Electric as their contribution to the program.

The amount that people contribute varies. On average, the round up amount is 50 cents on every dollar. While it may not seem like that much, those relatively smaller dollar amounts are combined with other donations and all money goes to assist  Tri-County People Fund with paying utilities or addressing other needs. Almost 50% of all Tri-County Cooperative customers and members currently participate in Operation Round Up.






Full documentation is provided as well. Each and every month, your utility bill will show an amount listed for Operation Round Up. You will be charged with the extra few cents to show an even dollar amount. In addition to that monthly statement, during January or February, your total annual contribution and the amount you donated will be listed on your energy bill for tax filing purposes. This is done as Tri-County wants to ensure people have all information needed in order to file and receive tax-deductible contributions.

To apply for help, call the company at 1-800-421-8956. In order to donate money or enter into Operation Round Up, there are a few steps that people can take. You can write them by enclosing a note with your next payment on a bill. There will also be forms you can complete online. Or dial the number above.

The bottom line is that the Tri-County People Fund and Homeworks are very appreciative to all those that participate. The programs and funds provide the community a great way to give back to the less fortunate and low income. Thousands of individuals or organizations are able to receive funds for bills and this can make a difference in their lives.



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