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Get Help In Texas With Electric and Utility Bills

Find how to get help paying utility bills in all areas of Texas, including in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. All utility companies in Texas will provide help with paying utility bills.

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Lite-Up Texas Utility Bill Help Plan

Effective from July through October, low income customers in areas that offer retail electric choice (including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and areas of South and West Texas) are eligible to get help with paying electric bills from a summer discount program. Households that are currently receiving Food Stamps or Medicaid will automatically be included in the utility bill program if the information on file with the Health & Human Services Commission matches the information on file with the household’s Retail Electric Provider. Those customers with total household income of less than 125% of federal poverty guidelines may also apply for help paying utility bills and well as help with cooling bills in the summer. The utilities that currently participate in providing help paying utility bills through this program are Reliant, TXU Energy, TXU SESCO, and Central Power & Light, among others.

The electric competition law also created a System Benefit Fund. This program is partly used to help finance energy efficiency programs. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs will administer energy efficiency and electricity conservation programs in coordination with the existing weatherization programs. Utilities will also develop standard offer programs that will install energy efficiency measures and that may include: refrigerator and air-conditioner lease-purchase programs, compact fluorescent light bulb lease-purchase programs,  and water-flow restrictors. For example, low flow shower heads and faucet aerators will be provided free of charge. The independent service providers will deliver these services to customers. These services can also help with heating bills during the winter time.

TDHCA operates partnership programs to provide utility bill help with: El Paso Electric, Central Power & Light,  Entergy, HLP / Reliant, Southwestern Electric Power, Texas Utilities Electric, Texas-New Mexico Power, West Texas Utilities, and Southwest Public Service.






Atmos Energy
Keeping the Warmth
Qualified customers in Texas may get up to $200 worth of energy saving improvements including caulking, sealing, weather-stripping, additional insulation and like materials.

Sharing the Warmth
A charity program that combines customer donations with company donations to help people pay their gas bills.

Austin Energy
Low-Income Discount
The $6 service fee is not charged to customers who have persons living in the household who receive City of Austin Medical Assistance Program (MAP), SSI, or Aged, Blind and Disabled Medicaid. All eligible customers can also receive a 50% reduction on their City of Austin Drainage fee.

Energy Home Improvements
Provides energy saving improvements to families in Texas that will help them lower their utility bills. Examples of the available aid include caulking of plumbing penetrations, attic and wall insulation, sealing and/or repairing of ductwork, door and window weatherstripping, and solar screen installation.

Customer Assistance Program
The City of Austin Texas sponsors this assistance program to help eligible customers who are having difficulty with paying their utility bill.

Read more on programs from Austin Energy.

Austin Energy, First Choice Power, Reliant, TXU Energy,  TXU Sesco, West Texas Utilities- Lite-Up Texas
Effective July through October, low income customers in Texas are eligible for a summer discount.

Central Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc., Comanche Electric Cooperative, San Bernard Electric Cooperative, South Plains Electric Cooperative, United Cooperative Services
Operation Roundup
Member donations from these companies help families with a variety of needs, including help with heating and air-conditioning equipment repair, help pay utility bills, provide equipment for the handicapped, life support equipment, electric bills, prescription drug medication, medical bills, staple food items and more.




CPS Energy (San Antonio)
Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP)
The REAP program is a nonprofit foundation that helps needy families pay their cooling and utility bills year-round, and educates those families on moneysaving conservation measures.

Project WARM
Project WARM aid provides utility bill help to CPS customers

Click here to find additional options.

El Paso Electric
Low Income Rider
Eligible lower income customers and families will not be billed the Residential Service Customer Charge on their monthly utility bill. More.

Entergy Texas
The Power to Care
The Power to care Program provides short-term utility bill assistance to help low-income elderly or the disabled pay their utility bills.

Beat The Heat
During May and the summer months, thousands of free fans are distributed to families in Texas to help them with summer heat.

New Braunfels Utilities
Utility Bill Assistance Program
Was created to aid families in NBU’s Texas service area to pay for their water, electric, and wastewater bills.

Public Service of San Antonio
Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP)
This is a non for profit foundation that provides help paying utility bills to needy families year-round. It also educates Texas and San Antonio residents on money saving energy conservation measures.




Reliant Energy
CARE help program
This is a community-based assistance program that is designed to support Reliant Energy customers that may be having difficulty making ends meet because of an unexpected, extreme hardship, such as illness or death in the family or loss of income. Utility customers looking for help paying utility bills should call 211 from anywhere in the state of Texas to find assistance in locating the agencies with CARE funding. Learn about additional Reliant Energy programs. Click here.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative
Provides the Helping Hands Program
This program provides assistance to help members in physical and/or physical distress with paying their electricity and heating related bills. Learn more details.

Very low income customers facing a crisis may be able to receive help from Energy Aid. The funding comes from donations from TXU and the general public, so the amount of aid is very limited. However it may be an option for your utility bills. Continue.

West Texas Utilities
Some of the other ways to get help include the federal government CEAP as well as payment plans. The utility company tries to work with customers to keep their power on. Read more West Texas utility assistance and the various resources that are provided.

Find additional program in Texas that can help with utility bills. More.


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