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Online Surveys Can Help Pay Utility and Other Bills

Here are some of the top online survey companies. In addition to getting paid for taking surveys, you can get paid for shopping at certain online sites or signing up for products. So some of the regular, everyday things you do daily or weekly you can get paid for just by using these sites. Extra income you earn can help pay bills. While you may not get rich taking these surveys, it is fairly common for people to make an extra $5 - $100 per month. That money can help pay utility bills and other debt. And maybe best of all, if you put in a little extra time and effort into the surveys, you can make a few hundred dollars per month, or more. Surveys are simple to take, and you can take them from the comfort of your own home. You can even start and build an online business that will grow your income over time by referring friends, coworkers, neighbors, family, and others. ABC News wrote an in depth article about the success of people taking online surveys. More.








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SurveySavvy - This company began operation in 1999. The SurveySavvy online community now includes business professionals and consumers in over 190 countries worldwide who have learned that participating in surveys and referring friends, family, and neighbors pays off!

  • You will get cash and incentives when the family and friends you have referred complete surveys.
  • You will obtain incentives and cash when you personally complete a survey.
  • You receive incentives even when the referrals of the neighbors, friends and family you have referred complete surveys!

Even if you do not qualify for a given survey for some reason, this company will still offer you incentives! They  enter you into the SurveySavvy Sweepstake, which is a monthly drawing for fifty $10 prizes.





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