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Help with bills and donate to the Southwest Gas Energy Share donation program

Donations to the Southwest Gas Energy Share program are managed by the Salvation Army in Nevada. This is one of the utility companies main ways to provide help to low income customers and those facing an emergency.

The program relies on donations from the community, businesses, fund raisers, and even matching grants from Southwest Gas. It provides people a great way to give back to their community. You never know. Maybe some of the money you contribute could even go to help one of your neighbors, friends, or relatives.

The Salvation Army administrates the program and distributes funds to qualified, low income customers. Energy Share was created as an emergency fund that can offer financial assistance to qualified low income people that are facing an unexpected financial challenge or crisis. While the reasons can vary, this can include unexpected job loss, car repair, or a medical emergency.

Any money you donate will be tax deductible. In addition, one hundred percent of your donations are used to help families and individuals in need and you are not paying for any administrative or other costs. Everything is overseen by the Salvation Army in Carson City, Las Vegas, and other cities.

Not only is every dollar you donate tax-deductible when you file your return, but those customers donating to Energy Share will receive an annual summary statement as well. This will show all of your donations for the previous year, so it will make filing your taxes even easier.






To apply for help, you need to contact the Salvation Army. The assistance will be provided to qualified struggling Southwest Gas customers. Your utility bills do not need to be outstanding and you do not need to be facing a disconnection. You may receive help with paying utilities as long as you meet low-income guidelines and you are faced with an emergency or adversity as indicated above. All of this needs to be provided through the application process.

Resources are very limited as it does depend on donations and any funding from Southwest Gas. Some of what you should have available includes, but is not limited to the following.

Social Security cards, Picture ID and birth certificates for everyone in the home. Bring a copy of your most recent Southwest Gas Bill. Also bring proof of your income as well. If you are not a citizen, bring valid resident alien card, a valid passport, certificate of naturalization, or a current picture ID/ driver's license from origin country.

If you are on government support (either federal or state of Nevada) bring a copy of the award letter for SSI, Disability, Pension, Child Support, or Unemployment or bring DES award letter for food stamps, AFDC. A copy of any relevant Contract/ Lease for Section 8/Conventional/ HUD Housing is needed.

Proof of income and expense is required in order to apply for Energy Share. So bring copy of monthly bills including utility, cable, phone, car payment, insurance, medical, credit cards, etc. Also bring pay stubs from your job and receipts/ bank print-out of expenses from the past 30 days.



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