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Southern California Edison donation programs.

Southern California Edison has created a program that provides people in the community the ability to help the less fortunate pay their utility bills. It is run in partnership with non-profits such as the United Way. The Energy Assistance Fund is one of the leading SCE programs in the community.

The United Way and SCE are always looking for additional donations. It is very easy to donate, and every dollar you contribute will help the less fortunate. Your donation will be tax-deductible and the money can help keep the utilities on for individuals, including seniors, children, and customers who are just going through a difficult period.

They are annual programs and are funded through customer contributions. An annual campaign/fund raising drive will also normally be held in an effort to solicit additional donations. In general, contributions received are matched dollar for dollar by Southern California Edison. Thousands of customers are able to enroll every year, and receive financial help for paying their utilities.

The Energy Assistance Fund was created by the United Way and Southern California Edison, and they also work with dozens of other non-profit groups. Funds can be paid out to people who are struggling, including senior citizens, families with children, the disabled, and others. The United Way and SCE work together to help the less fortunate and people who are struggling and need help with their electric and utility bills.

As indicated, they do make it fairly simple to donate, and there are a few different options. You can enroll in the SCE Round Up Program, which means that the company will automatically round up your monthly bill to the next dollar and donate the difference. So for example if you bill was 21.65, it will be rounded up to $22 and the difference of .35 will be towards the program.

You can also donate by credit card or sending a check. Call the United Way or SCE for details on this. Another option is to just include an additional one time payment with your electric bill.

The two companies also work with almost 100 other non-profit and community based groups in California to distribute money to qualified applicants. The non-profits can also help individuals apply for the Energy Assistance Fund.  The maximum assistance amount usually offered to qualified customers is as much as $100, and applications can only be submitted one-time per year. Dial 1800-655-4555 for more details.




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