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South Carolina weatherization and utility bill saving programs

Save money on your utility bills, and improve the quality of your life, from weatherization in South Carolina. This program is paid for by the federal government, and run by community action agencies across all counties in South Carolina. The main beneficiaries include low income families with a focus on senior citizens, families with young children, and the disabled. The energy efficiency of their homes can be improved, families can save money on their utility and air conditioning bills, and a homeowner’s health and safety can be enhanced.

There are some strict income requirements that need to be met by families across South Carolina, some of which are based on federal government poverty guidelines. The typical threshold in place is 200% of federal government poverty guidelines, but this may change from time to time based on funding levels as well as government guidelines. In general, a family of three may be able to qualify for free weatherization services if their income level is less than mid $3000 per month. Then for each additional family member the total income of the applicant can increase by about $650.

Improvements from weatherization in South Carolina

Qualified families receive free services from weatherization. The enhancements made to a home will help clients save money on their utility, cooling and heating bills. Individuals can greatly reduce the amount of money they need to pay every month. Some of the improvements that are made include sidewall and floor insulation, weather-stripping, insulation for attic, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and much more. Usually an energy audit of the home or apartment will need to occur first by a professional contractor, and they will decide what the best enhancements to make to a home are. Some of the safety improvements can include installing fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and carbon dioxide monitors.

Weatherization was really created for lower income families in South Carolina and for people who spend a disproportionate amount of their money on paying their utility bills. The federal government has determined that these individuals can benefit the most from a lower energy bill. Many lower income individuals also tend to live in an older home, and these older dwelling can usually benefit the most for free weatherization improvements.






Community action agencies across SC run the program for the government. These various non-profit agencies need to try to do the most good with the money they have to spend, and they try to get the most bang for the buck.  If your income is low, and you pay a large amount of money per month on your utility bills, then you may benefit. Or if you think you know someone who may benefit, then call or stop by your local community action agency (see below) to apply.

Abbeville, Telephone - (864) 223-8434
Aiken, phone number (803) 648-6836
Allendale, call (803) 648-6836
Anderson, dial the office (864) 223-8434
Bamberg - (803) 648-6836
Barnwell, Telephone: (803) 648-6836
Beaufort, phone number (843) 724-6760
Berkeley, (843) 724-6760
Calhoun, dial (803) 648-6836
Charleston, (843) 724-6760
Cherokee, (864) 327-1125, (864) 327-1126
Chester, phone (803) 324-9767
Chesterfield, (843) 320-9760
Clarendon, Telephone:  (803) 773-9716
Colleton, call (843) 724-6760
Darlington, call (843) 320-9760
Dorchester, phone (843) 724-6760
Edgefield, dial (864) 223-8434
Fairfield, (803) 324-9767
Florence, (803) 773-9716
Georgetown, (843) 234-4140, (843) 234-4111
Greenville, (803) 648-6836
Greenwood, call (864) 223-8434
Hampton, dial (803) 648-6836
Horry, telephone (843) 234-4140, (843) 234-4111
Jasper, phone (843) 724-6760
Kershaw, dial (803) 773-9716
Lancaster, call (803) 324-9767
Laurens, (864) 223-8434
Lee, dial (803) 773-9716
Lexington, phone (803) 648-6836
Marion, call (803) 773-9716
Marlboro, main telephone:  (843) 320-9760
McCormick, (864) 223-8434
Newberry, primary telephone number (864) 223-8434
Oconee, dial the center at (864) 223-8434
Orangeburg, (803) 773-9716
Pickens, (864) 223-8434
Richland, telephone number (803) 648-6836
Saluda, (864) 223-8434
Spartanburg, phone (864) 327-1125, (864) 327-1126
Sumter, dial (803) 773-9716
Union, (803) 324-9767
Williamsburg, main number (843) 234-4140, (843) 234-4111
York, (803) 324-9767


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