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Share the Light utility bill donation program from Lafayette Utilities

The Share the Light donation program can help low income customers of Lafayette Utilities Systems pay their utility bills when they are faced with a crisis. The company works with many charities to provide this service, however it does rely on donations from people and businesses in the community. For example, one of the main partners that administrates funds, collects contributions and provides distributions is the Lafayette Louisiana Catholic Service Center.

The program was created in the 1980s. Share the Light will only help those individuals that are faced with an unexpected emergency. It is also an option of last resort, meaning help is a possibility only for those who cannot obtain other forms of assistance.

The program provides a great way for people to give back to the community. Through the Lafayette Utilities, or LUS pledge program, anyone can make a tax deductible contribution to Share the light. The money can be donated as a one time payment or you can contribute on a recurring monthly basis. Any type and amount of assistance that you provide helps families, including those with children and seniors, who otherwise would not be helped. Generosity is always appreciated.

To learn more on how to donate, call (337) 291-8280. Anyone can participate by adding any amount they want ($1, $5, or $10) to their next LUS payment. Or you can decide to make a contribution by calling them or contacting Catholic Service.

On the other hand, if you want to apply for financial help, the Share the Light program is administered through the Catholic Charity Service Center. They also work with other Lafayette based organizations. Contact the Sigur Center at 337-233-7788 to apply for help.

Applicants will need to be interviewed by social workers and staff from the Catholic Charity Sigur Center. An appointment is needed too. While funding of course relies on donations, if the money is available then applicants can receive up to $150. However a smaller amount is almost always paid out. Low income customers of Lafayette Utilities Systems can apply only once every three years. This is the case as funding is limited and this donation program is not a long term government subsidy.

A number of conditions will need to be met. Some of them include, but are not limited to, applicants need a current picture I.D. or driver's license, proof of income such as paycheck or record of state benefits, current month's LUS bill, and additional support.

Share the Light is only for a crisis. So those who are applying will need written proof of unexpected emergency or crisis. This need to prove where the individual had to use their existing funds to offset said emergency. Only a bill of around $40 or more is considered for proof of crisis.

To apply for help or learn more, or contribute, call Catholic Charities at the number above or dial 337-232-6810 to reach the local Community Action Agency.



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