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Helping Hands donation program from Sam Houston Electric.

The Helping Hands program created by Sam Houston Electric relies on donations from people in the community as well as employees and members. All funds raised go to helping the less fortunate pay their utility and energy bills. It provides a great way for people to give back to the community.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative created this resource as a non-profit organization. It will provide funding and cash grants to help members and families that are struggling. Money will be paid out to individuals who are in financial and/or physical distress, unemployed, or who are facing some form of crisis. The money will help them pay their electric bills when they have no other options available to them.

Contributions and tax deductible donations from Sam Houston employees and members fund the Helping Hands Program. Thousands of dollars may be raised per year and paid out to qualified applicants. The money will go to your neighbors, friends, and others in the community that need help. It provides someone who is doing well the ability to give back. Many people who asked for help in the past also go back and later contribute.

This is not a government subsidy and has strict application requirements. Some of the people who were helped in the past include the elderly and handicapped. Funds can be paid out to families who have experienced extraordinary circumstances, hardships, or emergency situations. All kinds of people from the community have received a helping hand at one time or another from the program. Many of those who benefit may also have children or a senior member of the household.

Sam Houston Electric encourages members to donate to the not for profit Helping Hands program. The  amount you give, no matter how little or how much, can make a big difference to those who are facing a crisis.

You can call the company to donate, or use the contribution form, which is on their main website. The energy company is located at 1157 East Church Street in Livingston, TX 77351. The phone number is (409) 283-8251.

If you need help with paying your bills, then this be a one solution for you. Since it relies on donations, funding is very limited. However call Sam Houston Electric and inquire about Helping Hands.



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