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Help in North Carolina from Salvation Army

North Carolina based Salvation Army workers are trying as hard as possible, and moving as quickly as possible, to process the requests from people looking for help with paying utility bills. People are flooding the Salvation Army’s offices across North Carolina, including to the organization’s Social Services office at 226 South Cool Spring St. in Fayetteville, and all people are hoping to take advantage of the $1.1 million in grant money that the Salvation Army received in February from the federal government.

Unfortunately people in need of help are being turned away from the Salvation Army because there are not enough workers to process the backlog of applications requesting help.

While temporary and contact workers have been hired to speed the process, they are still having to learn the procedure and get up to speed with the process, which slows things down. The Salvation Army is still tallying the numbers of people who have gotten utility bill assistance through the grant money. However, as of March 21, the Salvation Army had processed almost 1000 applications and provided almost $300,000 in energy bill aid.

The Salvation Army of North Carolina provides the low income, poor, elderly, and others with a number of financial assistance programs, grants, and advise. Funding is very limited, and sadly not everyone can receive help. This is even more true with the weak economy and the currently high demand for assistance.

One of the benefits of using the Salvation Army is that they can provide more than just funds to pay utility or electric bills. They can direct individuals to a host of programs, such as weatherization, LIHEAP, food pantries, housing, and more. Many locations may even be able to offer job counseling services, or at least direct people to where they can go to. So the social services offered by the Salvation Army can help address the root cause of poverty as well.


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