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Rhode Island Keep the Heat On

The Keep the Heat financial assistance program can help anyone who either has used up all other assistance programs or who is ineligible for all other state of Rhode Island, federal government or private heating assistance programs.

The Archdiocese of Providence both created and sponsors the program for families across the state. Specifically the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence’s Office of Catholic Charities and Social Ministry runs the program. That being said all Rhode Island families can apply for help, regardless of their religion, faith or ethnicity.

As with any program that was created to help people, there are some conditions that need to be met in order to receive aid. Among those conditions include the fact that applicants to the program need to have either exhausted or they need to be ineligible for all other private, state, or federal government heating assistance. Proof of ineligibility for any of those programs is required through written documentation or verification via phone with the local agency or government entity. Of course exceptions may be made in certain special circumstances. Therefore anyone who is experiencing financial hardship relative to their heating or utility bill is encouraged to apply for help.

Funds are provided on a first come first serve basis. The amount of assistance is limited, so apply for help early in the winter. The program will focus on those who need help the most, including the elderly, disabled, and very low income with children.

The Keep the Heat program is for those Rhode Island individuals who have exhausted all other public and private resources and who have no place left to turn for assistance with paying their heating bills. The program is currently supported by donors throughout the state of Rhode Island and it is matched each year up to $75,000 by the Catholic Charity Fund. Over the years Keep the Heat has helped thousands of Rhode Islanders obtain heat, prevent a disconnection or have their utility service restored.

To learn more about the Keep the Heat assistance program, or to apply for help, dial 401/421-7833 x.107.



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