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Reliant Energy utility assistance programs.

Low income, unemployed, elderly, and working poor customers have several options available to them for help with paying utility bills. Below you will find more information on various programs and services.

Help with paying for deposits is provided by the Low Income Deposit (L.I.D.) Program that is offered by Reliant Energy. This program may be able to help senior citizens, families with children, and the disabled.

If you need help paying that initial fee or deposit to establish a utility account, or if it was disconnected and you need it turned back on, this program may be your best option and it can help you establish or turn back on your power.

Another option is the CARE (Community Assistance from Reliant Energy) Energy Assistance Program. This will help people pay energy and utility bills when they are facing a short term financial hardship and will help people through a challenging period.

Local community action agencies, charities, and other non-profits run this program. It provides one time cash assistance (only can be used once per year). There are criteria and conditions that are established by Reliant Energy that need to be met. Funding is also limited as the program is created from donations. Dial the United Way 211 to apply or learn more.

Reliant also funds and participates in Weatherization programs. The program can help people save on and reduce utility bills. It is free to low income and other eligible customers. Among other things, weatherization will install energy-efficient refrigerator, provide insulation, checking and servicing heater/air conditioner, sealing ducts, caulking and weather-stripping, Install water-saving devices and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), repair and/or replacing windows/doors, repair and/or replacing windows/doors, checking and servicing heater/air conditioner

Call Reliant Energy at 1-866-735-4268 to learn more about these programs, or to ask how else they may be able to provide you with help.




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