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Get help with utility bills from Project SHARE

Several of the regional based utilities in Florida offer a program known as Project SHARE. While the specifics of each program will vary, in general they were created with the intent to provides emergency assistance (whether financial or advice) to those customers who need help with paying their utility bills, help customers if the individual needs assistance or repairs to heating and air-conditioning equipment, and other energy-related needs. The Project SHARE program will help the elderly, low income, the disabled, unemployed, the sick and others who are experiencing financial hardship make it through a difficult period. Some of the utility companies that offer help from this program include:

Gulf Power - They request that you contact The Salvation Army office in your county to get more information on, or to apply for Project SHARE.

Gainesville Regional Utilities - If you are a customer of theirs, call the the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, United Way, or Gainesville Community Ministry. You can call the United Way 211.

Tallahassee Utilities -Project Share funds are administered for this power company by the Capital Area Community Action Agency. They screen applicants, and distribute funds. Contact them to learn more or to apply.

Clay Electric - The utility company collects the Project SHARE donations made by members, customers, and the community, and the local Salvation Army branches handle the distribution of the funds according to the financial need criteria of the Salvation Army.

Tampa Electric - The Salvation Army also runs the Project SHARE program for this utility company. Contact them to apply for help with paying utilities.




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