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Help paying gas and utility bills from Piedmont Energy

Most of the resources are offered by local non-profits that Piedmont Energy partners with. Below you you will read more on who to contact for help with paying utility bills, and learn about some options that customers have.

The main source of aid from Piedmont is probably the Share the Warmth program. Donations from customers, local businesses, as well as Piedmont themselves all go towards funding the program. Non-profits across South Carolina and the region accept applications and pass out funds to the low income. The South Carolina Office of Economic Opportunity is the lead agency.

The SC office not only runs the Share the Warmth program for Piedmont, but they also provide resources for housing assistance, health and medical care, education, employment, job training, and housing assistance. There are a total of five federally funded government assistance programs and one other state funded program. Contact your local community action agency ask ask for the Piedmont Share the Warmth program, or you can dial 803-734-0662.

Piedmont of South Carolina is also a big supporter of the federal government funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). In this particular program, Piedmont Energy works directly with the community action agencies as well as congressional delegations in all local communities to support federal government funding and distribution of funds for the LIHEAP program. The federal government created and funded LIHEAP program was created to assist low to moderate income income households with paying utility and gas bills, and avoiding disconnections. The program can help people with special attention to households and families that spend a high percentage of their total income on home energy bills and expenses.

As with most gas and energy companies both across the nation and in South Carolina, Piedmont is more than willing to talk to customers in order to find a solution to their personal hardship that may be preventing them from paying their bills. Call Piedmont in South Carolina at 1-800-752-7504 to negotiate a payment plan or to get help with gas or utilities.





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