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Help With Paying Utility and Electric Bills in Pennsylvania

Find programs to help with utility bills. Help and assistance is provided in all cities, including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania also has mortgage refinancing and assistance programs, and ways to get help to prevent a foreclosure. Just click on the Help With Mortgage link on the left and then proceed to Help with Mortgage.

All utility and gas companies in Pennsylvania offer the following two assistance plans, CAP and LIURP.

Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs)
Provide a percentage of utility bill plan or a percentage of income utility bill payment plan. Low-income Pennsylvania residents heating and utility bill payments are based upon their incomes and/or amount of utility bills. Some aid programs also offer utility bill arrearage forgiveness; and others provide flat rate discounts or heating or utility bill credits.





Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP)
The LIURP assistance plan includes an education component that addresses energy conservation and savings, regular utility and heating bill payment behavior and will also provide application assistance.

Allegheny Power, Dominion Peoples, PECO
The primary aid programs for these companies are CAP and LIURP.


The utility and gas companies below all offer CAP and LIURP, but they also offer the following programs as indicated.

Adams Electric Cooperative
Project Helping Hand
Families in need can get help to pay their electric bills.

Central Electric Cooperative
Family Fund Energy Assistance Program
Assistance is available to pay heating bills.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
Warm Choice
This is a free weatherization program that helps identify energy savings for your home, and then will provide improvements to help make your home more energy efficient.

Emergency Repair Fund
This program offers financial assistance for the replacement or repair of natural gas furnaces, service & house lines, water heaters and space heaters.

Duquesne Light
Stay Warm Programs
Helping disconnected, lower income customers have their utility or heating service reconnected and it will also proved customers credits on their bills of up to $150.

Smart Comfort
Free energy audit, free energy saving weatherization measures, energy education and also measures and services to lower your electric use and lower your monthly heating and utility bills.

A number of other grants, advice, and programs to help pay utilities are offered by Duquesne Light. Read more Duquesne Light assistance programs.

Equitable Gas of Pennsylvania
They offer this very affordable monthly payment program that permits qualified customers to pay a portion of their household income for gas bills. Equitable will also provide free information on energy saving techniques.

Hardship Fund
Supplemental payments can be made to customer to help them pay for the repair/replacement of defective heating equipment or even gas lines.

Met-Ed, Penelec, and Penn Power
Met-Ed works in cooperation with various community-based organizations and also energy conservation contractors who perform energy-conserving home improvements and they also provide energy education for customers.

Matching Energy Assistance Fund (MEAF)
MEAF is an energy bill help program that allows PECO Energy to help pay for low-income, residential customers and their bills.

Montgomery County
An emergency fuel fund is available for the disabled and eligible seniors and they can receive a one-time payments when all other programs cannot resolve an emergency crisis or bill.

National Fuel Gas
Heating/Water Heating Repair or Replacement
Repair or replacement of hazardous, faulty, broken, or non-operational heating or water heating equipment.

Blind, Elderly, or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance
This aid program assists Pennsylvania residents who are at least 62 years of age, disabled, or blind.  The assistance program features include a lower monthly gas rate, past due bill credits, emergency heating equipment repair or replacement, debt forgiveness, and conservation measures.

Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund
Cash grants are provided to help prevent the disconnection of heating service, utility service, and to help pay the current or past due energy bills, or pay for home heating fuel.

Read more on how to get help from National Fuel Gas.




Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative
Member to Member
The assistance grants will be used to help pay utility and electric bills.

Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL)
This is a special utility and heating bill payment plan that offers reduced monthly payments, debt forgiveness, and protection from utility service shutoffs.

Customers may be eligible for energy education, energy-saving home appliances and also home weatherization services such as caulking and insulation.

Operation Help and Operation Share
Cash grants may be used to help pay for any type of home heating bill.

Pennsylvania Power Company
Reach Hardship Fund
Payments are made for energy bills directly to energy vendors of lower income customers to help pay for energy bills.

Philadelphia Gas Works
Customer Responsibility Program
Reduced monthly heating and utility billing for certain customers.

Conservation Works
Energy related services provided that may include: energy education, diagnostic audit, energy-related home repair, blower door guided shell tightening, thermostat with automatic clock, water-heater wrap and pipe insulation, and many others.

REA Energy Cooperative
Members Sharing With Members Fund
Assistance is available for cooperative members that are faced with an unexpected loss of income due to illness, loss of job, family emergency, or some other situation which may limit their ability to pay their heating or electric bills.

Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative
Lights On
A program to help any needy families with paying their electric and utility bills.

Spring City and Royersford
Project Outreach
A maximum of once per year emergency heating fuel assistance program for Spring City and Royersford residents will help provide up to 150 gallons of heating oil per household to residents.

TW Phillips Gas & Oil Co
Energy Help Fund
This assistance program includes benefits such as providing opportunities to reduce past due balances as timely monthly bill payments are made and also utility rate discounts.

UGI Penn Natural Gas
Partners Program
Affordable payment programs are offered for lower income customers, and payments are based on percentage of income, and also old bill arrearage forgiveness.

Project Outreach and Operation Share
Payments are available for customers' gas bills.

UGI Utilities Inc.
Low Income Self Help Program (LISHP)
Monthly amounts that customers need to pay are based on a household's income rather than gas usage.

Operation Share
Help is available for customers heating and utility bills.


$1 Energy Fund
The $1 Energy Fund, Inc. is the fourth largest fuel fund in the country. The fund partners with utility and heating companies across Pennsylvania to provide help with paying heating and utility bills.

Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund
This aid program provides over $2 million annually in energy bill crisis assistance benefits for heating and utility bills.


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