Help Paying Utilities




Oregon programs to help with utility bills, and electric bill assistance.

Get help in all parts of Oregon, including Portland and Salem.

Energy Smart
Oregon HEAT gives lower income households energy saving education and hardware to help those families reduce their energy use through its Energy Smart program. It tries to lower energy bills to make bills more affordable. Energy Smart also helps identify the best ways to promote and encourage ways to save energy.

Emerald PUD Assistance Plan

  • ERAP
    Emerald's Utility Rate Assistance Program will assist disabled households and low-income seniors (those 60 years or older) utility, electric, and heating bills.
  • AFP (Arrearage Forgiveness Program)
    This is a one-year case management program that will help money management and energy bills. If a utility customer stays current with their electric bills for one year, the arrearage agreement they entered the program with is forgiven.






Eugene Water & Electric Board

  • Universal Service Plan
    This assistance program will provides low-income seniors and disabled customers with bill co-payments and free weatherization services. At the successful end of this assistance program, EWEB will forgive any bill arrearage on the customer’s bill. Lower income customers are also eligible for the Deposit Guarantor program, which is a program that provides assistance for half of an eligible customer’s account deposit (not to exceed $300).

City of Ashland

  • Utility rate discounts are available to all Ashland residents over the age of 65 who are qualified as lower income. They will receive a 20% to 50% discount on their city utility bills, including water, wastewater, and electric.

Salem Electric - Winter Heating Assistance Program
This is available to residents whose household income is lower than the income guidelines and whose primary heating source is electricity.

Portland General Electric - Community Energy Project
This program helps persons with disabilities and low-income senior citizens conserve electricity and energy in their homes. PGE also also holds weatherization workshops that will provide the attendees with compact fluorescent light bulbs and water-conserving shower heads.

Several other Portland General Electric programs may also help with electric bills and other expenses in an emergency. Read more.

Avista Utilities - LIRAP
A low-income, utility bill assistance program funded by Avista customers.

City of Ashland, City of Cascade Locks, Douglas Electric Cooperative
One-time help is provided for customers, based on their need and availability of funds.

Eugene Water & Electric Board - Customer Care
Provides help with paying bills to the unemployed and qualified low-income customers. Those families and customers-in-need may be eligible to receive up to $200 in utility bill assistance per year. Read more.

This is an energy conservation program that is paid for by the federal government, and run by community action agencies across Oregon. Clients can save hundreds of dollars per year on their utility and electric bills.  Get details on how weatherization in Oregon works.

Many other utilities, including Salem Electric and Eugene Water & Electric Board, also provide help with paying utility and heating bills.



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