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OPALCO Project Pal utility bill donation program

One of the primary ways to get help with paying your OPALCO utility bills is the Project PAL program. This relies on donations from customers and it can help the low income and struggling in the community.

OPALCO fully understands that from time to time customers may struggle to pay their bills and otherwise make ends meet. So Project PAL was created to allow people to give back to the community by providing donations. It will also of course help the less fortunate with paying their utilities. Over the years hundreds of members of the co-op have benefits from Project PAL.

Any person, business, or member of OPALCO can donate to Project PAL. They can decide to make a one-time donation or “round” up their electric bill each and every month to the next whole dollar amount. You can donate as little or as much as you like. Your donation of course will be tax deductible. Call 376-3500.

The program relies on members of the community. Currently Project PAL is 100% funded with voluntary donations from fundraisers, businesses and OPALCO members. Many people find that the the easiest way to contribute to Project PAL is to round up their electric bill. You can choose to donate a fixed amount, say even $1, $2, or $5. Numerous local businesses and non-profits are also partnering with PAL to lend a helping hand in the community. The money will normally be provided during the winter to pay heating bills.





Almost everything donated will be supplemented by matching grants. So most companies find that if someone donates $1 for every customer who participates in Round Up or PAL +Plus then you will receive a match.

Orcas Power & Light Cooperative operates Project PAL and it serves all qualified OPALCO members. However as it is a non-profit foundation, it is run by an independent, volunteer council. This council is anonymous and consists of six members. They will review all applications and decide on who gets financial help during the cold winter heating season that runs from November through April. In general, half of PAL funds and the money that was donated each year are designated for seniors and disabled persons of low income. The remainder of the contributions from the community are made available to any member who meets the PAL Eligibility and Guidelines, provided their application was approved.

Another way to offer help is from issuing a gift certificate. They are made available and can be directed to any OPALCO member, regardless of their need. You can give it anonymously or signed.

To apply for any of these resources or to donate to Project Pal dial 376-3500.



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