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If you have own a computer and if you like giving your opinion or even playing games, you might want to try doing online surveys from home to make a little extra cash that can help pay bills, including electric bills and debt. All while while trying new products. There are hundreds of companies that enlist research panels of average consumers to complete surveys online. Find some of the top companies.

While maybe you can't expect to earn a full time, high paying salary from taking online surveys, but it is very possible, and easy, to earn $50 to $100 a month in cash as well as free products if you take several quick, short surveys, according to experienced online survey site members. The key to having the most success is to sign up with several different survey sites (which are all free to join) to increase your chances of being selected for the surveys.

When you do join a survey site, you need to provide some information, such as your personal and demographic information, which credible survey sites will not disclose to any other party. This information is used to select participants for surveys on specific products and services. When you are selected as a panel member, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to take a short screening survey to determine if you fit the profile for that particular survey. If you qualify for the survey, you will be asked to take a longer online survey in exchange for some sort of compensation.


Compensation paid out will vary by survey and company. You may receive only a few dollars, which can help with paying your utility bills, or you can also be sent free products in exchange for trying them and providing feedback about them. Most surveys will also "pay" by entering participants into a sweepstakes.

I have taken about a dozen surveys myself with the two online survey sites I joined. I was paid for three of the surveys ($15, $6 and $1 each) and was entered into a sweepstakes for the other nine surveys (which I did not win). However, I found it both enjoyable and very easy to answer the questions.






Experienced survey site members like Christa Alewine of Georgia also greatly enjoy getting all kinds of free products, from dog food to graham crackers. Her children also look forward to getting products in the mail to test at home and have even participated in some surveys for children (with parental approval).

The largest cash survey payment Christa has ever received was $50, and that survey took about 30 minutes to complete. Her usual cash payout is generally $1 to $3 for surveys that take anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. She estimates that she is paid cash for 10 percent of the surveys she completes and receives free products for many of them.

Christa began by earning money playing online games for 30 minutes a day and now earns more by spending that 30 minutes completing surveys. She gets to keep the products she tests, and enjoys getting a $20 Amazon gift card, gift cards to restaurants or a few dollars in her Paypal account.

Make Sure the Survey Site Is Legit

Experienced online survey members will always recommend joining several survey sites (at least five to 10) if you want to take daily surveys and to make the most money. Register with an e-mail address that you check frequently so you can respond quickly and, of course, be accurate and honest in filling out the survey. Don't get discouraged if you are not selected as a survey participant after your first few screening surveys, as it may take you a while to see which survey companies' needs match your demographics.

There are web site out there that will charge a $30 to $50 fee to provide a list of the 400-500 survey sites that promise unrealistic earnings, but you can find plenty of sites on your own without paying for a list. The tops sites are here.

Be warned, though, there are also many sites out there that will pose as survey sites to obtain marketing information from consumers. These sites will sell your information to advertisers, and you will get tons of unsolicited spam if you sign up with them. To avoid this, be sure you read any site's privacy policy before you enroll to make sure it is a legitimate survey site.

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If a site were a marketing site posing as a survey site, it would disclose its practice of sharing member information with other parties in their privacy policy. If you can't find a privacy policy link prominently displayed on its site, skip that site and look for another one to join. Additionally, some sites will ask if they can share your information with other parties, and will already have the "yes" box checked. If you uncheck the box, you can avoid getting unsolicited e-mails.

A credible Web site's privacy policy will have a statement like this one: "We do not share personally identifiable information with other third-party organizations for their marketing or promotional uses without your consent except as part of a specific program or feature for which you will have the ability to opt out."




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