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Oklahoma weatherization programs

A federal grant from the United States Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program will make it easier for families to qualify for weatherization programs in Oklahoma.

The assistance being offered from the federal government has doubled the income level that is required for families to qualify for the program, which basically means that more households are eligible for the improvements to their homes to save energy.

In addition, another significant benefit of the federal funds being provided from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is that the amount of money that can be spent to update and modernize each home has increased greatly. The amount of money being provided to improve each home has more than doubled. This will allow additional improvements to be made, this saving consumers more money on their utility bills.

Improvements that can be made to a home include, but are not limited to:

-How water heater tune-up and also repairs or replacements.

-Additional insulation of walls and attics

-Refrigerator and freezer repair or replacement

Window and door replacement

Air leakage caulking, sealing, and weather stripping

When combined, many of the weatherization improvements can help people save hundreds of dollars per year on their monthly utility and electric bills. With the increased funding that is available for the Oklahoma weatherization program, more people will qualify for help and energy conserving improvements. It will take time for your home to be modernized, but you should apply now for the program.



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