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Oklahoma utility companies Operation Roundup

A number of Cooperatives that operate in Oklahoma provide customers with financial assistance from Operation Roundup. The details of each utility program will vary, as well as the exact amount of financial help provided. Some of the details, as well as phone numbers of the cooperatives, are below. Many of the Operation Roundup programs can help with both utility needs as well as other emergency expenses, such as weatherization, home repairs, food or housing. However each of the energy companies below will need advise as to the specifics of their service.

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative’s version of Operation Roundup may be able to assist both individuals and organizations organizations. The program can offer need services if an individuals can’t get help from anywhere else. Operation Roundup can provide funds for paying utility bills in a crisis, food, clothing, and other forms of assistance to the low income and qualified people. There are a few different phone numbers to call for more information, and they include 918-689-3232, 405-273-4680; 405-382-3680; or 405-567-3206.

Operation Roundup is also run by Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. Money is collected from donations from the local community, utility customers, and businesses. All funds are then placed into a benevolence fund. Applications are taken, and funds and the program is overseen by the Northeast Electric Cooperative Trust Foundation, Inc. Individuals and organizations in the Oklahoma service territory which prove to be worthy of the funds can apply for the funds. The board of trustees will review applications, and determine who is qualified to receive money for paying bills and expenses, including electric and cooling bills. Call 1-800-256-6405

The Indian Electric Cooperative has donated funds and will make donations to needy individuals and families in the community. Operation Round Up is the primary program that will distribute cash assistance to the needy and low income. While people can apply for a number of causes, money will be offered to pay utility bills in an emergency. Additional funds could potentially pay for things like repairing a heating or air conditioner, or other utility related emergencies. Call 295-9500 or 918-295-9558.

Operation Roundup from Oklahoma Electric Cooperative may be able to assist organizations and individuals that have a financial hardship. People need to live in the utility companies service area in order to apply for help for paying utility and electric bills. The number to dial for questions, information, or an application is 405-217-6710.



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