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Help with utility bills in Oklahoma from Share the Warmth

Thousands of people across the state are struggling with paying their utility and heating bills. There are some ways for them to get relief and help with their utility bills. Oklahoma Natural Gas has some programs in place that people can turn to, and they also partner with other local charities and agencies such as the Salvation Army. One such option for customers is the Share the Warmth program.

This resource is part of a nonprofit  program that is administered through The Salvation Army. It was created with the goal of helping Oklahoma families who are facing financial emergencies or some other type of crisis, and if they need help paying their home heating bills. Funds from the Share the Warmth program can be used to help pay electric gas and for propane if it is the main source of energy used to heat the home. At an anticipated average assistance of about $300 a family, these funds can definitely provide some short term help.

This year the demand for help is at a record high. Spokesman from ONG have said that the need this year for heating and utility bill assistance is greater than the available resources for those in need. The company knows for a fact that with the current economic conditions that the country is facing, with the terrible recession we have experienced and are just starting to emerge from, these conditions have created an even greater demand for help.

Oklahoma branches of the Salvation Army administer the assistance programs.

The Share the Warmth program is funded by donations from customers and companies. Oklahoma Natural Gas accepts donations from customers and corporations across the state.

Some of the other conditions of Share the Warmth include you must be responsible for paying your home heating expenses and energy bills, the applicant must be facing some type of immediate financial emergency or crisis that prevents families from paying home heating costs and utility bills, and the applicant can’t be receiving any other government aid. or assistance. In addition, the person seeking help must live in one of the 67 Michigan counties served by ONG.

Call 1-800-664-5463 for more information.



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