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Receive help paying utility bills in Oklahoma

Find ways to get help in all cities in Oklahoma, including Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

There are some programs in Oklahoma that will help you pay your electric bills and save energy. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, commonly called LIHEAP, will provide assistance on utilities. You can obtain funds to help pay for summer cooling and winter heating bills. This will also provide help if you have an energy crisis or are facing a case of financial hardship. The program also offers other energy related home assistance and repairs to eligible households throughout the year.

The weatherization program also is an option and is offered. Through this program, weatherization service providers approved by the state install energy efficiency measures in the homes of homeowners free of charge. While they are not expensive upgrades (the average upgrade costs $2,500) they are effective in lowering electric bills and the energy savings pay for themselves within a few years. This is another way to obtain help with utility bills. More on Oklahoma weatherization programs.

Note, you may soon be experiencing a 20% plus hike in the cost of your utility bill. The Public Service Company of Oklahoma wants a 20% Utility Bill Increase. The adjustment would increase the average residential customer's monthly utility bill by $15-20. The average residential customer now pays around $80 and $90 a month for electricity.

America Electric Power
Light A Life
AEP donations, combined with customer donations, are distributed through the Salvation Army to help Oklahoma families with utility bills.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric
Low income customers may be eligible for a program that provides help paying energy bills. Participants will pay the utility company the regular residential rate for the first 600 kWhs of electricity used and then receive a credit of $0.67 per kWh from November through April.






Customer contributions, along with funds from the utility companies, are forwarded to the Salvation Army which distributes the money to help pay for gas, electricity, fuel, heating, firewood, and electric bills.

Oklahoma Natural Gas
Lower income customers may be eligible to receive a reduced gas bill to help with heating bills. The reduced bill will average $5.03 a month during the winter months of October through April and it will average $4.26 during the summer months of May through September.

Oklahoma Natural Gas
Share the Warmth
Grants and funds assist Oklahoma families with members who are over the age of 62, and persons with disabilities in addition to others who are struggling for home-heating needs and bills. Funds and grants may be used to pay propane and electric if it is the main source of energy used to heat the home. Click here to read more on Share the Warmth.

Read more on help from Oklahoma Natural Gas.

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative, Indian Electric Cooperative, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Oklahoma Electric Cooperative
Operation Round Up
Member donations will provide assistance and funds to assist families, individuals and organizations with medical care and bills, clothing, food, educational assistance, housing aid, and other needed services that are not being met by any other agencies.

Find phone numbers and read more on Oklahoma Operation Roundup.




Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO)
LIGHT A LIFE Energy Fund
Donations from the community and the energy company go directly to the Salvation Army to help families pay bills. The Salvation Army administers and distributes the funds and grants. More on Light a Life.


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