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Ohio help with paying utility bills.

Low-Income Rate Assistance exists for all areas of Ohio, including Columbus and Cleveland. In addition to utility bill help, Ohio has a program that will help you refinance your mortgage, and that will help prevent foreclosures. Follow the Help With Mortgage link in the left margin and proceed to Help with Mortgage.

Ohio’s electric and gas utility companies participate in the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP). Low-income customers who heat with natural gas pay 5 percent of their income to their electric company and pay 10 percent of their income to their gas company. Those with incomes at or below over 150 percent of the federal poverty guidelines (FPG) pay only 3 percent instead of 5 percent to their secondary source of heating bills. If their utility provides both electric and gas service, or if they heat their homes with electricity, residents pay 15 percent of income to the one utility. 1-800-282-0880 (Ohio HEAP)

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Winter Reconnect Program
This Ohio program allows most households that have been are threatened with disconnection due to non payment of a utility bill or if they actually have their power disconnected, they can have service restored during the cold winter months by paying either the total amount they owe or just $175, whichever amount is less, plus a reconnection fee of no more than $20. There is no income eligibility requirement for the winter reconnect program that is used for help paying heating bills. Read more.

The Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federally funded assistance program that is administered by the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Community Service branch (OCS). This program is designed to assist eligible low-income Ohioans with meeting the high costs of home heating bills. If you are eligible for help, the amount of the one-time HEAP benefit paid to you will depend on federal funding levels, total household income, how many people live with you, and also the primary fuel that you use to heat your home. In most cases, the one-time benefit paid will be a credit that is applied to your utility or energy bill by your utility company or fuel vendor.






Energy Conservation - Low income homeowners can apply for weatherization. This program is administered by community action agencies in Ohio, and it can help people save potentially hundreds of dollars on their heating and cooling bills. It is free to qualified residents. Click here.

Operation Roundup
Firelands Electric, Logan County Cooperative, Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative, and North Central Electric Cooperative offer this program. It will help those in need with a variety of bills, including utility, heating, medical, and more.

Summer Crisis Program
The Ohio Office of Community Services (OCS) also funds the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - Summer Crisis Program (SCP). The Summer Crisis Assistance Program (SCP) will help qualified households pay for their summer cooling bills. The benefits of this program apply to electric utilities only and aid available from July 1 through August 31. This program is managed by the local delegate agencies.

Winter Crisis Program
While the summer crisis program provides assistance for cooling bills, the Ohio Winter Crisis Program provides residents with grants and funds that can be used to pay utility and heating bills during the wintertime. Read more on the Winter Crisis Program.

American Electric Power
Crisis Response Fund, Scioto County
This program provides electric bill assistance and weatherization services for AEP customers who are in Scioto County.

Another program that offers help is Neighbor to Neighbor. This utility programs help by providing grants and other aid. Read more.

Columbia Gas
Warm Choice
Weatherization services provided include air sealing, insulation, and high-efficiency furnaces.

Consolidated Electric Cooperative
The People Fund
This is a community service program that will help and aid to the needs of the Ohio community if their needs aren't met through other organizations or agencies.




Dayton Power & Light
Offers both assistance programs above, the Warm Choice and Winter Reconnect Program. They also offer Fresh Start, which is an arrearage-crediting program that is for customers no longer on PIPP. Learn more.

Dominion East Ohio
Housewarming Program
This program provides weatherization help to eligible customers

Dominion East Ohio
The EnergyShare program is designed to help families and families pay any type of utility or winter heating bill--wood, natural gas, oil, kerosene or electricity. Read more.

Housewarming Program
Provides weatherization services and assistance to eligible customers to help them save on heating and utility bills.

Duke Energy
Income-qualified customers in Ohio are eligible for help from Duke. They can receive a heat pump or furnace, energy-efficient light bulbs, energy-saving tips, weather stripping and pipe wrap, and if needed, a hot water heater wrap.

Accountability & Credibility Together (ACT)
This is for Duke Energy customers who are residing in Hamilton County, Ohio. Funds from ACT are available to help Duke Energy lower income customers who need help with paying December, January, and February natural gas bills.

Duke Energy, Columbia Gas - Heat Share
This assistance program is designed to assist those who are in need in Ohio with heating bills during the cold winter season. Eligibility is based upon families need and it doesn’t necessarily need to follow government assistance guidelines. An individual or family must be subject to disconnection of service in order to qualify for aid.




The Illuminating Company
Community Outreach Opportunity Program (CO-OP)
This program will provides once-a-year financial assistance to unemployed, disabled, or low-income customers who might be in danger of losing heating or electric service because of overdue energy bills. The Salvation Army will determine program eligibility and administers the program to help pay bills.

Ohio Edison
Project Reach
Ohio Edison will provides a once-a-year financial assistance payment to those who are unemployed, disabled, or lower income residents who may lose their electric service because of overdue utility bills.

Toledo Edison
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
They will provide a once-a-year financial assistance to unemployed, disabled, or lower income customers who are in danger of losing electric service because of overdue energy bills.


Also, locate additional aid and assistance, and also learn how others in Ohio are handling high energy and heating bills. More.

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