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Ohio energy bill aid.

AEP Ohio is offering additional energy bill assistance, and they continue to look for all ways to assist with easing the financial burdens that many Ohio families in our service territory are facing. AEP Ohio has begun a new partnership with the Dollar Energy Fund. This will allow both organizations to provide utility bill assistance to low and middle income families struggling in the current difficult economy.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Program is receiving generous donations from AEP Ohio's, and these funds will help tens of thousands of low-income families keep safe electric service.

As a result of this partnership, Dollar Energy Fund, which is a nonprofit hardship fund organization, and AEP Ohio are expected to provide over $1 million in energy bill assistance. The two organizations have begun the distributing the assistance grants through the program this May.

To qualify for this energy bill aid, families must have made an honest, sincere effort to make payment on their energy bill in the past 90 days and this also must have an outstanding balance on their bill.

If you need more info or are interested in aid, a network of community-based organizations that are located throughout Ohio will provide application intake services.







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