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Debt Forgiveness Program from NSTAR

People who are struggling with their utility and energy bills now have another way to get help. The debt forgiveness program from NSTAR provides customers with a credit on unpaid bills, and it will also offer qualified customers with assistance in budgeting for their current natural gas and electricity bills. Each month the program will also forgive a portion of past-due balances on the customers account.

Especially due to the current economic environment, many hardworking families across Massachusetts have fallen behind on their utility bills despite their best efforts to pay on time. What the NSTAR debt forgiveness program does is it allows NSTAR to provide the help that many folks need to pay their bills and pull themselves out of debt and start fresh.

Information on debt forgiveness

Those customers who are participating in NSTAR’s debt forgiveness program are provided with a variety of resources and services. They are given a monthly budget amount to help them better plan for and pay current utility and gas bills. The company will then forgive a maximum of up to $200 toward the past-due balance each and every month as long as the customer continues to pay his or her current energy bill on time. Another component of the program is that enhanced energy-efficiency programs can also be used by the individual to help lower future bills. These energy conserving programs are available for all of those customers who qualify for the debt forgiveness program.

If you are interested in learning more or applying, or to to take advantage of the debt forgiveness program, current NSTAR customers must first qualify for the company’s residential assistance rate program. Any individual who is interested in more information or applying needs to should speak with one of NSTAR’s specially trained call center representatives by calling toll free 1-866-315-2496.





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