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Help with utility bills from Energy Share in North Dakota

Most North Dakota Community Action Agencies provide cash grants to pay utility bills from the Energy Share program. Financial help is offered to low income families, seniors, and the disabled. All cash must go directly towards paying utility bills, and money is not provided directly to the family. The North Dakota Energy Share service is only available if an applicant has no other resources available to them, so it is a resource of last resort.

All funding from the Energy Share program is from donations of local families, charities, and non-profit agencies. All donations come from the generosity of North Dakota families. Additional funding comes from the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Cash grants are provided to low income families, and the funds do not need to be paid back. This is not a loan program. However applicants to Energy Share may need to make a co-payment towards their electric bills. Energy Share will only offer short term financial relief to customers, and it is not an ongoing benefit. Participants and recipients of the grants are strongly encouraged to work out a longer term payment plan directly with their utility company.

A nonprofit organization created Energy Share to help low income and struggling North Dakotans with paying for their emergency home energy needs. Priority is given to the handicapped, seniors, families with children, and those on fixed income who are faced with an emergency. It is offered when people have no other choices available to them.

Funds from Energy Share focus on providing help in emergency situations. This is not a longer term charity program. Money can help pay electric bills that are not paid for by other assistance programs. People may only apply for this service after all other potential resources have been exhausted by the individual. Grants from Energy Share may pay for service charges, regular utility bill, reconnection fees, or security lights of North Dakota families. Dial  800-726-8179 or call your local community action agency.





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