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Information on the New Jersey Universal Service Fund.

Both renters and homeowners can receive help paying utility bills from the state of New Jersey Universal Service Fund. If you heat your home with electric or natural gas service, then can can apply for help. Unfortunately the program will not help people who use heating oil as their primary energy source. However one positive is that even if your heating or utility bill is included in your monthly rent expense, you may be eligible for the USF program.

The reason the program was created was to help ensure that New Jersey consumers pay no more than 6% of their annual total household income for utility bills, including their electric and natural gas combined accounts. So the program focuses it support and so called low to moderate income families, and many elderly people also participate in the Universal Service Fund (USF). Since it was created it has helped prevent thousands of utility service disconnections among families in the state.

What is the amount of credit?

As indicated above, the primary goal of the USF program is to ensure that people do not pay more than 6% of their income on their utility bill, so to make that happen the amount of the credit provides to each applicant will vary. When it comes down to it, the amount of the credit for each client of the program will be different for each qualified customer.

The key factor in determining the amount of the monthly credit on your utility bill will be dependent on how much of your household income you spend on your monthly utility bills. The reason being that the New Jersey Universal Service Fund benefit was created to help an individual pay no more than the target amount of 3% on their utility or natural gas bill alone and to also pay no more than the target amount of 3% on your electric bill. It is important to note that the monthly USF credit does have a maximum of $1800.





Where do I apply?

There are various agencies around New Jersey that you can apply at. The program is administered by The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, and they partner with other local non-profits and charities. For more information, as well as how and where to obtain an application, dial 1-800-510-3102 to learn where the nearest agency is in your area.





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