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Nevada Utility Bill Assistance

In August 2001, a Universal Energy Charge was put on the customers of gas and electric utilities to provide help paying utility bills for low income energy programs. About $10 million is raised per year with 75% to be distributed through the state LIHEAP agency and 25% to be distributed through the state weatherization agency for low-income electricity and energy efficiency help programs.

Also, various banks as well as the federal government are trying to help over 2 million families with their mortgage payments. Click on the Help With Mortgage link on the left side margin. Then proceed to Help with Mortgage for more information on the programs.

Arrearage Assistance
One-time assistance is offered to help a household customer bring past due electric bill charges on their cooling and/or heating bills current. The Arrearage Assistance Plan, also known as Energy Assistance Program, is only available to customers and homes who are receiving service from Southwest Gas, Nevada Power, Sierra Pacific Power, or the cities of Caliente, Boulder City, Pioche, or Fallon. Read more.

Company funds will provide reconnection and deposit fee waivers for help paying utility bills to primarily low-income households in Nevada who could not secure other assistance.

Nevada Power
Project REACH means Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships and will provide to customers help with paying utility bills and lower their electric bill, and always help with cooling.

It is a program designed to help vulnerable adults who may be over the age of 62, seniors who are isolated, people who are medically fragile people, as well as customers who are deployed reserve and National Guard members in need of emergency energy assistance. It is available during the summer months until all funds are exhausted. Read more.

Sierra Pacific Power Company Electric Bill Program
Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE) program
A lower income, energy assistance help program administered by Community Services Agency. Shareholder funds, which will up to a maximum of $100,000, will match public donations on a dollar for dollar basis to help with utility bills. SAFE funds can be received once during a 12-month period for a utility bill that is at least 30 days past due.






NV Energy ( Sierra Pacific Power Company)
Comfort Savings
This energy efficiency program provides an in-home energy evaluation that will help to identify current energy usage, they will recommend improvements and also install energy saving improvements for free. Comfort Savings services provided can include such things as CFLs light bulbs, high efficiency shower heads, door and window caulking, pipe insulation, floor and attic insulation and more.

Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE)
This is a low-income, energy assistance program. SAFE funds can be received by Nevada families once during a 12-month period to help pay for a utility bill that is at least 30 days past due.

Southwest Gas Corporation
Company provides cash grants and funds that help provide weatherization assistance for lower income households in Clark County.

Energy Share
Also offered by Southwest Gas, this is an emergency fund / aid program that will provides direct cash assistance to qualified people who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties, such as the loss of a job, an illness, or a medical emergency. More on Energy Share.

Those are just some of the options available to customers of this utility company. Find additional Nevada Southwest Gas Assistance Programs.




Valley Electric Association
Lighthouse Assistance Program
This aid program is designed to help and provide assistance to Nevada members who, through unusual circumstances or income limitations, find themselves having difficulty paying their utility bills. 


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