Help Paying Utilities




Nebraska programs to help with electric, heating and utility bills.

There are a few programs in Nebraska that will provide help in all areas, including Omaha.


  • Heatshare assistance
    This program provides counseling, financial assistance, and referrals to other utility funding sources, so the applicant can get help paying bills. They refer individuals when a household shows they can’t make their monthly heating or utility bill payment.
  • Heat Aid Fund
    Provides funds for help with paying bills, and this program is available from January 1 through May 31. Recipients must be disabled, 60 or older, or be in a a financial crisis, have received a shut off notice, and also they are unable to qualify for any other assistance under another governmental program. Residents must have a consistent payment history, and they also must work with the Salvation Army on general budgeting skills in order to qualify for help.


Metropolitan Utilities District - The MUD program, which was created from a partnership with the United Way, has helped thousands of people pay their utility and other energy related bills and expenses. Learn more.

Omaha Public Power District - Financial help is offered for paying utility bills during the non-summer months in Nebraska. Most of the assistance in paid out during the wintertime, and funds are targeted at those low income families and individuals who are faced with a disconnection of their utility service. Read more.





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