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Missouri Utilicare program.

There is a local organization that is trying to come up with and implement solutions to making Missouri homes warmer, and help residents save on their utility bills. The various members of the Missouri Community Action Directors' Association meet each and every month in an effort to better run the 19 organizations that help low income Missourians with their bills.

One of the programs is weatherization. It is is something that both lawmakers and community action organizations agree is a better solution to helping with bills than simply providing grants and cash to pay for them.

In addition to this program, they are trying other options to help people stay warm. They are hoping for a large grants from the federal government’s Department of Energy and want to have plans in place to be ready to use the grant money in preparing Missourian's homes for the winter, and offering aid to low and moderate income families.

The want to have the structure in place to be able to spend that money efficiently on day one. For example, they need to train additional staff in advance, and have a process in place to buy additional equipment to get ready for the new funds and expanded programs.

One other place they hope to get the money from is Missouri’s Utilicare program, which mostly funds community action programs.

What is Utilicare? It is a law in the state of Missouri that allows the state to pay for energy assistance activities. It allows money for paying for utility bills, and also funds to work on and upgrade homes to weatherize and make them more energy efficient. weatherization can help people save hundreds of dollars per year on heating and utility bills.

Many people, including the community action organizations, are asking the state government to increase the Utilicare program's budget by 10 million dollars. This additional money is a sum that many lawmakers feel will be able to better address peoples needs.





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