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Minnesota Reach out for Warmth Program

A statewide heating assistance and fuel fund service known as the Reach Out For Warmth (ROFW) Fuel Fund can help families paying their utility and heating bills. Funding for the program is limited, and a variety of conditions need to be met before financial help is paid out. Some of those conditions include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following.

The applicant will need to be considered low income, and their income needs to be under certain state of Minnesota threshholds. The individual or family needs to also be faced with a crisis, and need to have some sort of shut off or disconnection notice. The applicant to the program must also have due a past utility bill. If a customer is running low on heating oil or fuel then they may qualify for financial help from the Minnesota Reach Out For Warmth (ROFW) Fuel Fund. Some other customers may qualify for aid if their heating system is inoperable and/or needs repairs.

The program is funded by both the state of Minnesota as well as the federal government. The amount of help provided to customers of course is limited too.

In general, the ROFW benefits paid out to customers include crisis or emergency payments for the primary fuel, utility or electricity bill that the customer is faced with. Support can include any combination of State-matching and local ROFW funds, and the maximum paid out is as follows.

Households that are paying their own utility bills may qualify for up to $500.

As noted above, if your heating system does not work, the Minnesota ROFW program can repair heating systems that are faulty or do not work, and the program can pay up to $500 for those repairs.

Applicants who utility bills are part of the rent can receive up to $150.

Households with heat bills due that are included in rent but who pay for electricity may qualify for up to $100.

Qualified households may receive both ROFW crisis grants as well as funds from the federal government LIHEAP program. All ROFW payments are made directly to the vendor and not to the applicant.

The Minnesota ROFW program operates by using local, state and federal government grant money. The local Funds are funds raised locally or donated by anyone except the State of Minnesota. The federal government money is from the State’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP) allocation, and is only available for disbursement by agencies that receive state or local ROFW funds. Call your local community action agency to apply for help from this program.





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