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Save money from Minnesota Power tips and rebates

The energy company provides customers with free tips, suggestions, and methods to save money on their utility bills. Minnesota Power also can direct individuals to rebate programs and other discounts. Some services are offered directly by them, and other programs are run in partnership organizations, the government or businesses in Minnesota.

Customers of all income levels can complete and receive free Home Energy Report and find out if a formal energy analysis is right for you. This will also help homeowners take the next step and develop a customized action plan for achieving energy-saving goals.

Having a highly efficient furnace is critical in Minnesota. So replacing your furnace filters monthly will allow it to run more efficiently and it will even extend the life of the unit. After all, heating your home can be as much as 50% of what you spend on your utilities.

A rebate program known as the Great Refrigerator/Freezer Roundup can offer up to $50 for families who round up and recycle older refrigerators and freezers.

Receive discounts on CFL light bulbs. Many retailers in Minnesota, such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot, will offer rebates on this efficient bulbs. When families install them they can save several dollars per year on utility bills. Lighting represents up to 10% of a home's utility costs. So by a combination of CFL bulbs and just turning off lights when not needed can make a big difference.

Minnesota Power and local non-profits can help people through weatherization. Examples of how this works is it can pay for updates to someone’s home. For example, just by plugging air leaks in your home with inexpensive caulking and foam strips can help cut a customer’s heating, cooling, and overall utility bills by up to 25%.






Rebates can be offered for major Energy Star appliances such as Refrigerator or Clothes Washer. Minnesota Power will always encourage customers to look into these before buying a new appliance. When rebates are offered they can range from $25 to sometimes as much as $100.

In most Minnesota homes, you can have the biggest impact when it comes to using heat during the winter. Heating and cooling is almost 55% of your home’s total energy usage and thus utility bills. This also has the greatest impact on the comfort, durability and “performance” of your home.

When possible, turn down the temperature just a tad in the winter and turn it up in the summer. Do this when you leave the home for work or even running errands. Studies show that for each one degree reduction in temperature in the winter you can save 2% or more on your winter utility bills. On the other hand, for each degree you raise the temperature during the summer you can save 3% or more on your Minnesota Power cooling bills. A programmable thermostat will also help with saving money too, and will make paying your bills much more reasonable.

Some rebates may be offered by the state or federal government for air sealing, caulking and weatherproofing. From time to time up to $200 can be provided to help pay for air sealing of electrically heated homes.

To get more tips or information on the rebates, call Minnesota Power at 1-800-228-4966.


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