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Michigan weatherization programs can lower utility bills.

As a result of the federal stimulus program, Michigan has received over seven billion dollars in government funds. Over $200 million has gone to fund weatherization programs, Michigan is planning on updating and weatherizing almost 30,000 homes to help people save on their energy bills.

Some of the details for Michigan include Macomb County receiving $3.2 million, and Oakland County received about $4.5 million in weatherization assistance. If these states meet certain guidelines, they may be eligible to receive additional funds, which can include $5.5 million for Oakland county and $4 million for Macomb. The funds are distributed to citizen from local agencies, including the Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency and the Macomb County Community Services Agency. These groups will provide both weatherization improvements and home energy audits to local eligible homeowners.

In addition to these programs helping Michigan families lower their utility bills, weatherization assistance also creates local job opportunities Contractors, builders, retailers, and other professions will see a pick up in business.

There are of course some criteria. The Weatherization Assistance Program is has income thresholds, and currently is available to families making up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level, which is equivalent to about $44,000 a year for a family of four. If your home is sleeted to be updated and participate in the program, contractors will perform a unique energy audit to determine which weatherization activities are most cost effective for the house. Some of the most common procedures that may take place include insulation, repair, sealing air duct, the installation of extra insulation in walls and attics, and caulking. Weatherization grants can also be used in other ways, including to install energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and can also replace energy consuming water heaters and refrigerators.

If Michigan demonstrates successful implementation of the various programs as well as funding released to the state thus far, Michigan will receive more federal government money. The state can expect to get about $120 million in additional federal government funding, for a total grant provided of over $240 million. Some of this additional money will also go to Macomb and Oakland county to increase the size of their programs.






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