Help Paying Utilities




Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association and Plus 1 MLGW Assistance Program

Thousands of Memphis Light Gas and Water customers are struggling with paying their utility bills. Local agencies are trying to help as many people as possible, as funding allows. Much of the funding is being provided from MLGW's Plus 1 program.

One agency, the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) has been providing utility bill help to almost 200-300 people per month over the last few months. Another local non-profit agency, Shelby County's Community Services Agency (CSA), has also been providing help to hundreds of families and individuals per month.

An just one example, MLGW's Plus 1 program has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association. The money is being distributed to help people pay their utility bills.

How much aid can I receive from Plus 1

If you apply and are found to be qualified for help, the amount provided will range. For example, Shelby County's Community Services Agency (CSA), has helped hundreds of local families with paying their utility bills. The average assistance awarded to participants in the program will range from $300 to $600 per person.

While hundreds have been receiving help, for those who have not, or who are still struggling to make ends meet, take heart. Financial help and funds are still available through MIFA and CSA.

MIFA's $250,000 utility assistance plan is funded through Memphis Light Gas and Water Plus 1 program. Remember that the main reason the Plus 1 program was created was to help people facing a hardship.

For more information about the CSA program, you should not hesitate to call the Shelby County Mayor's Action Center at (901)545-5000 or you may decide to visit the CSA satellite office at Hickory Ridge Mall to pick up an application for the Plus 1 program.




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