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Massachusetts electric, heating, and utility bill assistance

Over a dozen electric, gas, and combination utilities provide utility rate discounts that total nearly $40 million per year. Help covers the entire state, including Boston, Springfield, and Worcester. They will lower customers bills by 20 percent to 42 percent if you are eligible. You should never hesitate to call your utility company and ask for this help.

In addition to this aid, both the federal government and numerous banks are helping over 2 million people across the US, and including those in Massachusetts, with paying their mortgages and avoiding foreclosure. Click on the Help With Mortgage link, which is on the left side margin, and then go to Help with Mortgage for more information.

Fuel Assistance Program of Massachusetts
A program that is more commonly referred to just as fuel assistance will help struggling and lower income consumers in Massachusetts help with paying utility bills, as well as heating, cooling and electric bills. Program eligibility is based upon gross household income. Renters and homeowners in the state of Massachusetts are eligible to apply for the energy assistance program. Many of the fuel assistance households will also qualify for utility discounts, weatherization programs and reimbursement, and emergency furnace repairs for homeowners which will help lower electric bills.

Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Program
RAFT is a state of Massachusetts funded aid program for families who are at risk of homelessness. The program can help with paying past overdue heating bill balances.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund
Utility customers and the companies themselves fund the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. This Fund helps  any Massachusetts resident who, because of a temporary financial difficulty such as a job loss, can’t pay a month's energy bill expense and if they are not eligible for other state or federal energy bill assistance. Read more.

This grant program will provide lower income and struggling homeowners with assistance for:
- Free side-wall or attic insulation, air sealing, weather-stripping and other winterization energy repairs.
- Heating system replacement or repair services
- Heating system cleanings
- Free energy, safety and health and audit






Berkshire Gas
Discounted Residential Rates
Discounted heating and non-heating delivery charges are offered to lower income customers.

Residential Arrearage Management Program (RAMP)
This program provides financial assistance and help with utility and heating bills to eligible low-income customers with active have an outstanding bill. Lower income customers may qualify for help paying past due bills for natural gas service. A lifetime maximum of $3000 in assistance will apply.

Energy Savings Programs
Lower income heating customers can receive payment for 100% of the installed cost of the following energy-saving measures. Duct Insulation, Attic Insulation, Wall Insulation, and Floor Insulation, among other savings.

Learn more and find phone numbers for Berkshire Gas.

Citizens Energy / Distrigas
Oil Heat Program
Provides low income people with free or discount heating oil. This is available for any Massachusetts resident, even if you do not use Citizens Energy.

Heat Assistance Program (CEDHAP)
Provides a $150 credit on your utility bill credit to eligible households who heat with natural gas service.

City of Boston
HeatWorks - Services provide for seniors over the age of 60 may include: replacement of broken heating system, weatherization /Insulation; and other aid.

Senior Home Emergency Home Repair Program - This will help seniors prepare their homes for the cold winter season.

Find more ways to get help with utilities in Boston.

Essex County Gas Company
Twenty percent discount provided to low income families.




Massachusetts Citizens Energy Heat Assistance Programs
The Citizens Energy assistance heat programs provides financial help to lower income residents of Massachusetts who can’t afford to pay and need help with heating bills, and is another way to get help. Citizens Energy has a program for households who use natural gas, and another program for people who heat their residences with natural gas. The Oil Heat Program gives a voucher of some free heating oil and assistance to qualified families as well as elderly residents of Massachusetts. Distrigas program, also by Citizens Energy, gives a gas and utility bill credit to Massachusetts households who need help paying utility bills or heating bills.

KeySpan Energy Delivery (Boston, Essex and Colonial Gas Companies)
Families may be eligible to receive a discount on utility bills if they are a low-income residential customer.

In addition, free weatherization services are offered for customers on the R32 and R4 discount rate. A rent or homeowner may qualify for a grant of up to $4,500 in weatherization services including:

Littleton Electric Light Department
Disabled and Senior Citizen Discounts
The base customer fee is waived for disabled and senior citizens

Massachusetts Electric
A monthly utility bill discount program exists for those customers with income at or below 200% FPG and if they also receive help from other certain public benefit programs.

Middleborough Gas and Electric Department
Senior Discount
Customers that are 60 years and older can apply for help in the form of an additional 5% senior discount.

North Attleborough Electric Department
Residential Assistance A 5
Additional savings on utility bills are offered for those who receive other, such as LHEAP.

R2 Discount Rate - Discount rate to help customers who receive certain government means tested benefits or qualify for fuel assistance. Call 800-592-2000 to see if you are eligible for help.

MassSAVE - Energy efficiency specialists will help answer your energy-saving questions and determine if you are eligible for a free Home Energy Assessment, so be sure to ask about that as well.

Debt Forgiveness - NSTAR oofers customers a debt forgiveness program, in which a portion of their bill can be eliminated. More on the debt forgiveness program.

Unitil/Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company
A discount rate program is offered for residential customers who qualify for any means-tested public assistance programs

Western Massachusetts Electric - Residential Discount Rate and NUStart
A discount rate, as well as help with past utility bills, are available for income-eligible customers.

There are several programs that help residents with paying their energy costs. These programs include fuel assistance, energy efficiency services, and utility discount rates. Several of the state’s utility companies have joined together, with Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN) and the Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP) to both promote the aid programs to qualifying households. This initiative is known as Energy Bucks.

  • Fuel assistance: Subsidies are provided to lower the price you pay for utility bills. 
  • Utility bill discount rates: Discounted rates on utility bills that will lower what you are charged for the utilities that you use.
  • Energy efficiency services. Weatherization advice and services that will help you with saving energy.

Find information on weatherization asssitance in Massachusetts. More.


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