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Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund

Various companies in Massachusetts have come together to create The Good Neighbor Energy Fund. This is an assistance program that will help families and individuals in Massachusetts pay for their utility and winter heating bills. Gas and electric utility companies, as well as the Salvation Army, have partnered together to create the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. The assistance provided by the fund is to help people who are facing a short-term financial emergency. It is also for people who do not qualify for other fuel assistance programs, including government programs.

If you apply and are considered eligible, the maximum amount that a family or individual can get from the Massachusetts Good Neighbor energy Fund is $300 per household per heating season. Also note that the cash is paid directly to your energy supplier and not to the applicant.

Funding is limited, so as for most programs, apply early. Money that is distributed by the fund comes from the gas and electric utility companies, donations from local businesses and utility customers, and other charitable donors and organizations.

Help for your bills is provided year-round, until funds run out. Applicants can get emergency heating and utility bill bill assistance starting December 1 of every year, and non-emergency heating assistance is provided  starting January 1 of each year.

As indicated above, there are some conditions, and help is not provided to all applicants. You can get help for your bills from the Good Neighbor Energy Fund if you are in a short term financial emergency and if you do not qualify for other state or federal government energy assistance programs. The program is not intended to be a long term charity type program, but rather it will help people deal with short term emergencies. The Good Neighbor Energy Fund will help people who have an unexpected short-term financial crisis or some other type of emergency.

There are several additional conditions and requirements to be eligible for utility bill assistance.

  • The applicant can’t be eligible for any other state or government energy assistance programs or other forms of government aid.
  • The person in need has to be under a short term temporary financial crisis that makes them unable to pay their utility or energy bills.
  • Of course the applicant needs to live in Massachusetts.
  • There are some income conditions as well. The applicant total household gross income needs to be between 60% and 80% of the state or Massachusetts median income level.





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