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Get help with paying utility, electric, and heating bills in Maryland

Find help with utility bills in all areas in Maryland including Columbia and Baltimore.

Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) Program
The EUSP help program includes current electric bill assistance, help in paying old electric bills, and weatherization services. Eligible state residents may receive both LIHEAP and EUSP aid.

Maryland utility service disconnection rules and regulations
The state has implemented new rules, regulations, and laws that are aimed to help protect customers who are behind paying their utility bills. Click here to read more.

Project Energy Assistance
This is a comprehensive state plan set up to help Maryland's working families with paying utility and heating bills. Project Energy Assistance increases the income eligibility requirements for residents up to and including homes with annual income levels up to 200% of the state and federal poverty level.

Conserve money from Weatherization
The federal government provides the state of Maryland with grants and funding to help families improve their home. Funds pay for energy conservation improvements such as caulking, insulation, and more. The program is free to qualified homeowners. More.

Universal Service Protection Program (USPP)
LIHEAP recipients are able to get this assistance. USPP will reduce and even out monthly utility bills by subtracting the amount of the LIHEAP benefit from the electric customer’s yearly bill and then dividing the remaining balance by twelve months.






Allegheny Power
Community Energy Fund
The program will provide emergency utility and heating bill assistance for energy and utility needs such as electricity, wood, gas, kerosene, and fuel oil.

Baltimore Gas and Electric
Provides help by the Customer Assistance Maintenance Program (CAMP)
Under the CAMP program, utility customers who participate in the Universal Service Protection Program (above) can also qualify to earn monthly heating and utility bill credits ranging from $7 to $12 per month. The amount of credit provided is based upon income. 1-800-685-0123.

Columbia Gas
Provides utility bill cash grants to any qualified customers. The money can be used in paying bills in arrears or restoring service to terminated utility accounts. Continue.

Delmarva Power (Conectiv)
Good Neighbor Fuel Fund
Will help those in need with paying utility bills. They also have a program in place that will stop utility service from being shut off. More.

Fuel Fund of Central Maryland, Inc.
BG&E gives a total of $1 in energy bill credits for every $2 paid by the customer and the Fuel Fund of Central Maryland (FFCM). This Fuel Fund also helps customers that use heating oil or any other fuel sources.

Southern Maryland Electric Coop
Tri-County Fuel Fund
The Tri-County Fuel Fund provides help with fuel oil, electric, and wood expenses, and it serves 3 counties.

Washington Gas
Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF)
Aids those families that need assistance paying their utility or home heating bills. Find more Washington Gas programs.

Washington Gas Light Company
Residential Essential Service (RES) program
MEAP eligible Maryland residents who use natural gas energy for their home heating and who are current on their heating and utility bills may also be eligible to receive discounts on a portion of their Washington Gas bills during the long, expensive winter heating season. The total discount could be worth up to $135 and goes a long way to providing help with heating bills. 1-800-352-1446.




The Victorine Q. Adams Fuel Fund
It will pay up to $125 to customers who are facing utility shutoffs, it will give utility bill credits toward arrearages and it also operates an emergency heating oil program, which will provide up to 100 gallons of oil to eligible families at nominal cost.


Find more aid and read how others in Maryland are dealing with utility bills. More.


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