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Loveland Colorado Help-A-Neighbor-in-Distress

Residents of Loveland Colorado that are struggling with paying their utility bills, and that need help, can look into the Help-A-Neighbor-in-Distress program, or HAND. Or if you are interested in giving back to the community then this donation program provides the means to do this. HAND is a crisis type program that can help pay utility bills, but it is funded by donations from the community.

The City of Loveland’s Utility Billing Office works with local non-profits and agencies to administer HAND. One of the main partners is the House of Neighborly Service, or (HNS). This non-profit accepts and processes applications, provides referrals, and can help low income residents in other ways.

So not only may HNS be able to provide help for paying your electric and energy bills, but staff can also help people make connections with other, local area agencies that could provide additional support. This can include resources such as LIHEAP and many others.

Generous contributions from both Loveland Water and Power as well as community members fund the HAND project. Many individuals donate money as well as businesses from the Loveland Colorado area.

The HAND Program helps keep City electric and water services connected for households in need of help. It will assist those that are facing a loss of utility service due to an unpaid utility bill. Sometimes a job loss or an unforeseen expense creates a crisis situation, and anyone may need help from time to time.






For those that need help, the City’s Utility Billing Office refers qualified customers-in-need to HNS. The non-profit will complete the application process with the client and potentially provide them with vouchers that can be used for utility payments. As mentioned, this is only offered to applicants who qualify, based on various income guidelines and other guidelines that the City of Loveland has established.

Please donate if you can. Anyone from Loveland Colorado can contribute to the HAND project in a couple different ways. People can make a one-time contribution to the program of any amount they want. This can be done by sending funds directly to the City of Loveland HAND project. Or customers can call the utility company and set up a recurring, monthly contribution. In either case, call 962-2111 for more details. People can donate $1, $3, $5 or really any amount they choose to. In most years hundreds of families receive help from the HAND program. These donations from community members, businesses and from Loveland Water and Power fund the HAND Program.

By people contributing only a few dollars, and by all of us joining together, the program can make Loveland  Colorado a better place to live for everyone. If you want to apply, donate, or have questions on Help-A-Neighbor-in-Distress / HAND, please call the company at 970-962-2111.



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